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  • AMD will develop a 20nm process

    Su has confirmed that the company plans to move its product line to process technologies that take advantage of FinFET transistors, but Su did not reveal whether the company plans to move to 14nm XM hybrid FinFET process technology ot 16nm FinFET.
  • TSMC cleans up

    TSMC had earlier forecast double-digit profit growth this year as its  20 nanometer process begins to take over from 28 nanometer. TSMC began manufacturing with 20 nanometer technology in January-March.
  • GlobalFoundries to buy IBM Semi

    TSMC dropped out for unspecified reasons, and it is not clear if Chipzilla is serious about buying the outfit.
  • Samsung still Apple's chip chum

    It was no easy deal. TSMC, which makes other, lower profile chips for Apple has been named and shamed as Samsung's successor for A-series chip production. Even last week the smart rumours were saying that TSMC had taken over "most" of the orders for the A8, leaving Samsung as a secondary supplier.
  • TSMC certain to get Apple's chip business

    Apple's keenness to get iPad Air and an expected iPhone refresh has forced it to bury any disagreements it might have with TSMC
  • Intel must cut deal with Apple

    While TSMC and Globalfoundries are expected to receive a portion of the Apple business at the 14nm process node, IC Insights believes that Intel finds itself in an enviable position of being able to secure a large portion of Apple's application processor business at the 10nm node using Fab 42.
  • Abu Dhabi invests $10 billion in New York

    The investment does sound rather a lot, but TSMC plans to invest $17 billion in new facilities in southern Taiwan, where it will make 20 nm chips.
  • Intel has totally lost the plot

    CommentThe fact is that while companies like Taiwanese megafoundry TSMC can maintain so-called “Chinese walls” to prevent information from customers leaking to other customers, there’s such a hearty mistrust of Intel that we can’t really see how it can be serious in entering the already crowded foundry bus
  • TSMC claims 20nm boost

    TSMC shares have been increasing after the contract chipmaker expressed optimism about the 20 nanometer process to its 2014 sales.
  • Intel lays claim to the internet of fangs

    Last week Intel was accused of fabricating data about its gate sizes, while Moore's Law was called into question. To be fair, Samsung, GlobalFoundries (GloFo) and TSMC were also accused of fabricating data too.
  • Get ready to buy your last light bulb ever

    IEF 2013Plessey is not the only company to take this approach. Samsung is developing GaN on Si, and so are Toshiba, Osram, TSMC.
  • TSMC sizes are just all wrong

    IEF 2013A senior semiconductor analyst has claimed that chip giant TSMCis being economical with the truth about the size of its semiconductors.
  • TSMC: forget PCs

    IEF 2013Yee-Chaung See, senior director of R&D at TSMC confirmed what we all really know – mobiles and tablets rule and PCs are on the way out.
  • Neelie Kroes talks up European tech initiative

    IEF 2013Well, this is all very fine and dandy, but are the billions the EC spends going to really reverse the trend?  Which player, for example, is going to want to compete against the likes of Samsung and Intel and TSMC? We’re unlikely to see the non European companies quaking in their boots.
  • Nvidia researcher says 450nm wafers are way overdue

    IEF 2013Chen studied quantum physics and of course now we’re really close to the boundaries of quantum physics in semiconductor manufacture. Chen has worked at Xerox PARC, TSMC and now Nvidia.
  • Qualcomm might ditch TSMC, embrace GloFo

    Qualcomm is rumoured to be thinking about shifting SoC production from TSMC to other foundries, namely Globalfoundries.
  • Apple Desperately Seeking Samsung

    RumourWhile TSMC was thought to have collected some of Apple's 20 nano AP A8 chips business, it turns out that Samsung has since out evolved the company and won the contract back.
  • Apple sticks with Samsung

    After years of technical delays, Apple finally signed a deal with TSMC to make some of the chips starting in 2014. But the process had been beset by glitches preventing the chips from meeting Apple's speed and power standards.

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