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Founded Jan 1933
Headquarters Aichi, JPN

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  • Carmakers steal your trip data

    Toyota, Honda and Nissan were at the centre of the investigation along with navigation system makers Garmin and TomTom and app developers Google Maps and Telenav.
  • Intel, Microsoft in global R&D spending top ten

    Microsoft grew its R&D spending by 8.5 percent during 2011 to €7.5 billion, just below Toyota, at first place which spent €7.7 billion.
  • Renesas gets government bailout

    Under the deal, Japan will spend $2.2 billion and take a two-thirds stake in Renesas. Eight manufacturers, including Toyota and Nissan Motor, will provide another chunk of the cash.
  • Renesas might be saved by Toyota and Japan

    It seems that the troubled Japanese chipmaker Renesas might be bailed out by a consortium including Toyota and the Japanese government.
  • Samsung comes up trumps in Gartner supply chain list

    Of the top 15 supply chain companies from the Asia Pacific region, five, including Canon, Honda, Komatsu, Seven & I Holdings and Toyotawere identified as having their head offices in  Japan, while four - Hyundai, Hyundai Heavy Industries, LG, Samsung - were based in Korea.
  • Tablet, chip and car component shortages continue post-quake

    Car production has also been badly hit with Japanese firms currently operating at around 50 percent of usual production, with Toyota and Honda’s supply chain taking a sufficient battering that they are cutting production in the large market of India.
  • The sultans of spin rule the 21st century roost

    CommentThat works for multinationals that have products. You can always phone the sales lines and ask questions like: “I want to buy a Toyota whatever it is but I’ve heard the model I want will be delayed for three months because of the earthquake in China or whatever.”  The sales person will always try an
  • US claims record patent numbers in 2010, IBM leads

    Toyota Jidosha K K (Japan)
  • Japan gives electric cars a boost with power chip development

    The ministry will work alongside Toyota Motor, Mitsubishi Electric and Nippon Steel to develop a prototype by 2014 ahead of the target for bringing the car to market in 2018, according to sources close to | Nikkei (subscription needed)
  • Self powered parts will be electronic mainstay by 2020

    The market for self powered parts has been touted to reach $4.4 billion by 2020, making it big big business. All companies involved are under an umbrella consortium built by an NTT lab. Toyota and Panasonic are just some of the 20 companies involved.
  • Flash on Android is pants

    While trying to load an episode of Wipeout on ABC's mobile site, he received an error message urging him to "try again later." An attempt at viewing new ABC show Rookie Blue was only slightly more successful, as he was able to load a Toyota ad before the player froze up.
  • Chips can't be ruled out in Toyota failures, says Freescale CEO

    But he also talked about Toyota. He said that when Toyota had to recall its vehicles, he thought hard about whether semiconductor companies could rule themselves out as a potential cause.
  • Semi sales start to soar

    And sales of semis into the automotive sector showed strong growth, indicating that car manufacturing is beginning to buzz again. Except, presumably, for Toyota.
  • US safety watchdog toothless against Toyota

    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has told a hearing into the Toyota fiasco that the recent problem on Toyota braking systems sailed past it undetected because the outfit does not employ any software engineers and only two electrical engineers.
  • Toyota US claims no problems with electronics

    The head of Toyota sales in the United States is set to deny that problems with electronics systems caused acceleration problems that prompted a recall of its vehicles.
  • Electronic tin whiskers may be behind Toyota recalls

    An expert on electromagnetic interference was approached by the US government for an independent assessment of problems that have caused the massive recall of Toyota cars.
  • General Motors turns off its voice mail

    So a reliable source tells us. No bowing and scraping like Toyota at GM, that's a fact! Why, oh why? We thought customers were kings.
  • Apple co-founder steps into Toyota row

    Gadget mad dancing queen, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has told the world+dog that Toyota's troubles with a defective accelerator pedal may have to do with software.

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