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Latest TomTom news

  • Carmakers steal your trip data

    Toyota, Honda and Nissan were at the centre of the investigation along with navigation system makers Garmin and TomTom and app developers Google Maps and Telenav.
  • Apple axes map fiasco man Richard Williamson

    Cue is apparently trying to get advice from outside mapping technology experts and prodding digital maps provider TomTom to fix the landmark and navigation data it shares with Apple.
  • Apple has admitted its map cock up

    The new Maps service was based on Dutch navigation equipment and digital map maker TomTom NV's data. But it contained geographical errors and gaps in information, and that it lacked features that made Google Maps so popular.
  • iOS6 pinched Microsoft images

    The snaps were leaked iOS 6 beta screenshots showing TomTom attribution and nearly 16 map providers but fails to acknowlege Apple's old sparring partner Microsoft.
  • Brit tech writer stunned to be the voice of Siri

    Still, it appears that Briggs is everywhere these days - he is the voice of satnav for Garmin, TomTom, Jaguar, Land Rover, Audi and Porsche.
  • TomTom sells private data to Dutch Government

    Never mind Apple storing data on its users' movements, GPS outfit TomTom has been selling details on the trips of all its customers to the Dutch coppers who have used it to arrest people.
  • Microsoft loves open source

    But then again Microsoft itself also launched a patent lawsuit against GPS vendor TomTom last year, forcing TomTom to pay Microsoft licensing fees, and was able to force HTC to pay it royalties over use of Android.
  • Thespian Brian Blessed will bellow orders at you while you drive, crash

    Driving man Richard Gardner from Manchester started a Facebook group a couple of years ago called "Campaign to get Brian Blessed to do a voice-over for my sat nav" - after checking up on it in February he realised his Facebook group had about 450 members.
  • Google probed by French watchdog over AdWords

    Google claims it suspended Navx's AdWords account because Navx's speed camera warning system violates the AdWords terms and conditions. Navx says that more established companies like TomTom and Garmin operate similar speed camera systems and were allowed to continue operating.
  • PR Piggybacking: World Cup special

    TomTom's in on it too. Starting the 15th of April and ending the 8th June, it is running a promotion where if you buy one of its satnav devices it will refund your money if England wins the World Cup. Which means it's fairly confident England won't win.
  • Microsoft licenses Linux software to Japanese firm

    Microsoft has made patent agreements with other companies that use Linux in embedded devices including Brother, Fuji Xerox, Kyocera Mita, LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics and TomTom.
  • Debenhams gets dubious over ladies' purses

    But what about no necessity to carry a GPS or Personal Navigation Device as they are frequently called? The latest incarnations of GPS enabled handsets give the TomTom a run for its money.

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