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  • Chip companies set to desert USA

    He is predicting some bizarre takeovers as companies try to avoid paying US tax. These include Qualcomm for ARM Holdings, Texas Instruments for NXP Semiconductor, Intel for MediaTek, and Cavium for Mellanox, all of which, potentially meet the IRS requirements for inversion, he said.
  • AMD in last minute HSA push

    So far AMD has converted Imagination Technologies, ARM, Samsung, Mediatek, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments to the technology. The reason they are interested might be simply that it gives them access to APU technology that they would not have for years.
  • AMD falls behind Qualcomm and Samsung

    In IC Insights' list of the 10 microprocessor vendors for 2012, only Intel and AMD offer x86-based chips that run in such systems as PCs and mainstream servers. The other chip makers—including Nvidia and Texas Instruments—make mobile processors based on the ARM architecture.
  • Chinese chip maker sold more than Intel and Qualcomm

    While Apple had about 48 percent revenue share of the tablet processor market in 2012, since its chips are only used in the iPad this limits their market share. Nvidia, Texas Instruments, Samsung and Qualcomm made up Strategy Analytics' top-five ranking of vendors.
  • Infineon cheers up a bit

    His enthusiasm is similar to statements made by other chip makers. Texas Instruments forecast growth for the current quarter on improving demand for its chips.
  • HP gets a hand from Texas Instruments

    Texas Instruments appears to have won the contract to provide the low powered chips for HP's new server range.
  • Freescale boss predicts more doom

    Lowe left Texas Instruments in June to lead Freescale and has embarked on restructuring.  Even before the economic downturn, Freescale had not been doing well and has made a loss for nine of the past 10 years.
  • Apple and Intel fight holy war over fired TI engineers

    There is an unholy war going on in the holy land over who has the right to headhunt a bunch of out-of-work Texas Instruments engineers.
  • Qualcomm invests $120 million in struggling Sharp

    According to the report, Qualcomm has leapfrogged Texas Instruments, becoming the third placed chip firm worldwide. TI has struggled in the wireless market and recently announced that it would be exiting the business to concentrate on system on chip products.
  • Qualcomm expects solid growth for next five years

    Reuters talked to Bernstein analyst Stacy Rasgon who pointed out that, contrasted with traditional semiconductor players like Intel and Texas Instruments which are underperforming, Qualcomm is doing very well for itself.
  • TI winds down mobile processors

    Texas Instruments is giving up on making mobile processor chips and will concentrate on systems on chip tech instead.
  • iFixit pulls apart Microsoft's Surface

    Under the bonnet, iFixit discovered an Nvidia 1.4 GHz Tegra 3 processor, 32 GB of Samsung NAND Flash, 2 GB of DDR3 SDRAM from Micron, a power management IC from Texas Instruments, wireless MIMO SoC from Marvell, a Wolfson low power audio codec, and a Cypress Semiconductor capacitive touchscreen cont
  • Amazon tipped to buy a bit of Texas Instruments

    RumourThe dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured another hell on earth yarn which claims that the retail book seller Amazon is close to buying Texas Instruments’ OMAP chip division.
  • Amazon snubs Nvidia

    Instead Amazon has decided to use Texas Instruments' OMAP 4470 which certainly does not have the same profile as the Nvidia chip.
  • Toshiba snubs Texas Instruments

    Toshiba has told Texas Instruments that it does not want to put its chips into Windows RT devices.
  • Texas Instruments does better than anyone ever expected

    Texas Instruments has managed to do better than the cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street expected, but the company warned of troubles ahead.
  • MIT chip harvests energy from light, heat and vibrations

    However, the low power microcontrollers developed by the likes of Texas Instruments could make use of the ability to draw energy from three sources. Devices without batteries could one day prove the deciding factor in the low-power processing wars from big chip designers like Intel and ARM.
  • Microsoft Windows RT hits snags

    RumourAccording to rumours sparked by Cnet, there are problems with running Windows RT with Qualcomm and Texas Instruments devices.

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