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Founded Jan 1982
Headquarters Cupertino, CA, USA

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  • Intel could be next target for pro-gay marriage campaigners

    According to Hot Air and using the LA Times's blacklist database, Nate Silver ran the numbers on donations from people who work at Fortune 500 Silicon Valley companies and discovered that a majority of every company's employees donated towards defeating the ban.
  • Symantec fires Steve Bennett

    Symantec CEO Steve Bennett has been fired and has been replaced by board member Michael Brown.
  • Symantec revenues fall

    It seems that no one these days wants to protect their computers with security software. Symantec reported a five percent fall in quarterly revenue claiming that a decline in sales of personal computers hurt demand for its security software.
  • Ballmer realised he was the Microsoft problem

    He was already under pressure from board directors including former IBM and Symantec exec John Thompson to speed up change at the software behemoth which was lagging behind competitors on the cloud and tablet front.
  • Five year Korean hacking campaign unveiled

    Symantec has uncovered digital evidence that links cyber-attacks on South Korea dating back four years to a hacking group dubbed the "Dark Seoul Gang
  • IT incompetence close to defeating malice

    The report, which was sponsored by Symantec, is based on surveys of 277 businesses across nine countries.
  • Stuxnet "0.5" hit Iran as early as 2007

    Insecurity experts at Symantec have found a version of the Stuxnet virus that was attacking Iran's nuclear program in November 2007 - years earlier than previously thought.
  • Microsoft and Symantec strangle botnet

    Microsoft and Symantec have disrupted a global cybercrime operation by shutting down servers that controlled the Bamital botnet.
  • Grim DNS bug still alive and well

    What is more alarming is the names who have said they are not not deploying DNSSEC read like a Who's Who of American industry. Fifth Third Bancorp, Bank of America, Cardinal Health, Charles Schwab, Delta Air Lines, Disney, eBay, Target, WellPoint Wells Fargo, Apple, Cisco, Google, IBM and Symantec h
  • Microsoft's security software fails certification

    AV-Test ran a parallel test on business security products from F-Secure, Kaspersky, McAfee, Microsoft, Sophos, Symantec, Trend Micro, and Webroot.
  • Anonymous sets web alight in 5 November protests

    ZDNET's Violet Blue has compiled the companies allegedly victim to hacks, which includes ImageShack and Paypal, steel mining company Arcelor Mittal, the Greek City website, and the Ghana Consulate website, as well as leaking VMware's ESX Server Kernel source code.
  • Android App battery app gives you a Russian bride

    Insecurity outfit Symantec has warned that an Android mobile application which claims to save your phones power, actually serves up a Russian bride site instead.
  • Intel says open source fundamental to its cloud growth

    Intel, through its subsidiary McAfee and with other companies like Symantec and Microsoft are working to create ubiquitous encryption. In a cloud environment data centers need securing and better than the best of class enterprise security. The system has to be open, and based on standards.
  • 'Flame' cyber attack could be most sophisticated ever

    Symantec has warned of a “highly sophisticated” threat, which its Security Response Team has claimed is on par with the Stuxnet and Duqu viruses.
  • Mozilla wades into CISPA

    CISPA's official supporters include Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Oracle and Symantec.
  • Cyber criminals take $10,000 a day from Apple users

    The cyber criminals who hit on the wizard wheeze of targeting the faith based security system of Apple into a botnet are coining in $10,000 a day, according to anti-virus experts at Symantec.
  • Symantec divorces Huawei for fear of US blowback

    Due to one of those rare moments where doing business with China is detrimental to your bottom line, Symantec has exited its joint-venture with Huawei, the Chinese networking and telecommunications giant, for fears of being shelved in the security technology race in the US.
  • Microsoft is one of the world's most ethical companies

    According to The Ethisphere Institute, Microsoft is one of the 145 most ethical companies followed by Adobe,, Symantec, Teradata, and Wipro.

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