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  • California allows Bitcoin

    Amazon's Coins to Starbucks' Stars were cash alternatives and were illegal too.
  • Toughest encryption defeated by stethoscope

    It means that you could be sitting decrypting your data at Starbucks and James Bond could stick his phone on the table and snaffle the lot.
  • Google and Starbucks join forces

    Friends of the UK taxpayer, Google and Starbucks have decided that they have more in common than an Irish tax-haven.
  • Former Microsoft bloke turns to selling dope

    According to a very mellow Reuters report, Shively wants to become leader in both recreational and medical cannabis. He wants emulate Starbucks as the dominant name in coffee so we guess his product will be jolly expensive.
  • Schmidt defends Google's alleged UK tax dodge

    Google is currently under close scrutiny from HMRC following the revelation  that it had only paid £7.3 million in corporation tax last year despite having a UK turnover worth about £3 billion.
  • Google defends UK tax antics

    The UK Public Accounts Committee named and shamed Google, Starbucks and Amazon of "using the letter of tax laws both nationally and internationally to immorally minimise their tax obligations
  • Google, Amazon branded "evasive" on UK tax

    Representatives of Amazon, Google and Starbucks were brought before a select committee to explain how their organisational structures had enabled them to pay only small amounts of tax, despite the substantial sales they made in the UK.
  • Apple avoids corporate tax

    The BBC points out that paying low corporation tax seems to be a game among the top US companies with Starbucks, Facebook and Google coming up with new methods of avoiding paying EU corporation taxes.
  • TechEye hears Samsung Semi's moving Elpida eulogy

    CeBit 2012Schauss played down the importance of differentiating between processes at a certain point. "How often can you split a hair before you come to that process size on a chip?
  • BoJo adviser asserts Tech City not gentrification, 'regeneration'

    Evans expressed some concern that the marketing will eat the boroughs alive, as creative communities are gulped up by a tide of Starbucks and its ilk.
  • One day every Starbucks will be a betting shop

    White Bull 2011With any corporation like Ladbrokes it's very difficult to change, and disruptive companies make this happen. Ladbrokes is 100 years old.  He's not saying all Starbucks will be betting shops.
  • Here are some books I've read in the last 10 days

    In my hidey hole in the mountains near La Honda, where many an eagle quails, where the coyotes shriek, and where you can always at least descend to Woodside to stalk Larry the Man and Jobs the Steve,   we pondered long and hard on Divining a Digital Future, penned by the Professor, nay Good Doctor
  • Steve Jobs boards the Chariot of Fire

    TechEye Bible1: And it came to pass, when the LORD would take up Jobs into heaven by a whirlwind, that Jobs went with Cook from Cappuccino. 2: And Jobs said unto Cook, “I have decided that the LORD hath got it all wrong and the universe is being mismanaged.
  • Climate change will stuff up your wi-fi

    Really all she could do about that is some form of State Aid to Starbucks. As it is, TechEye hacks have had to mortage their houses to buy a latte so they can bang out the odd story when their home connection has gone tits up.
  • Apple brand is now “more valuable” than Google

    US fast foods also did well in the study thanks to the fact that the Chinese are discovering plastic and tasteless food goes with a booming economy. Starbucks, McDonald's and pizza are all doing well behind the bamboo curtain.
  • Apple and Microsoft hire cunning linguists over "app store"

    We understand that it is used as a mantra as followers, their brains addled with Starbucks latte, queue for days for the latest shiny trinket to emerge from the Apple Store holy of holies.
  • AT&T will buy T-Mobile USA

    There were rumours of this buy as far back as 2008. Sprint and Verizon use different technology to run their networks. Most analyst think an acquisition by AT&T would likely run into regulatory hurdles. AT&T and T-mobile have been partners for WiFi at Starbucks since 2008.
  • Microsoft is the most ethical company in the known cosmos

    However Starbucks also is on this year's list probably for providing TechEye with much needed wi-fi back up in times of crisis.

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