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  • Samsung and Intel push Tizen

    So far only a handful of carriers have committed to Tizen, including Japan's NTT Docomo and Sprint Nextel.
  • Samsung claims it will struggle with Galaxy S4 demand

    In the US, telcos are reporting delays because of "an unexpected delay with inventory deliveries." Sprint will take online orders starting Saturday as planned, but the phone will be sold at retail outlets only as it becomes available.
  • Sprint catches "reds under the beds"

    The new McCarthyism which is infecting Washington at the moment has caused Sprint to dump the Chinese phone making equipment maker Huawei.
  • Grim DNS bug still alive and well

    These include Comcast, Data Mountain, Infoblox, PayPal and Sprint. Dyncorp, Simon Property and Juniper Networks have done so partly.
  • Sprint snaps up the rest of Clearwire for $2.2 billion

    US telecoms provider Sprint has purchased the remainder of Clearwire in a deal worth $2.2 billion.
  • US paranoia shuts out Huawei and ZTE

    At the moment ZTE has deals with Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile EVEVE.UL. If these telcos start listening to politicians then the Chinese companies could face trouble in the US.
  • Ex-Intel man gets probation in Raj Rajaratnam case

    In recordings given to the court Goel is heard providing Rajaratnam with details of Intel's billion dollar investment in a joint-venture between Clearwire and Sprint in 2008 to build a global 4G platform.
  • Sprint CEO takes a paycut

    Sprint's CEO Daniel Hesse has agreed to take a paycut this year as punishment for wasting company cash on a deal with Apple.
  • Flash man, Hillman Curtis, dies

    HillmanCurtis, which started in Brooklyn in 1998, churned out web designs for commercial clients including Yahoo, Sprint, Adobe, Rolling Stone magazine, Fox Searchlight Pictures and the Metropolitan Opera.
  • Sprint still betting the farm on the iPhone

    Despite the fact that subsidising the iPhone appears to be killing its business, Sprint is continuing to bet the farm on Apple.
  • Apple iPhone deal could kill off Sprint

    Fruity peddler of shiny toys, Apple might just be responsible for the No. 3 US mobile provider Sprint Nextel filing for bankruptcy.
  • iPhone subsidies hurting wireless carriers

    CNN has looked closely at the effect that iPhone subsidising has had on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint and come to the conclusion that they would have been better off in a pact with Mephistopheles than cutting a deal with Apple.
  • T-Mobile forced into the arms of Sprint

    T-Mobile might be forced to link up with Sprint Nextel after its owner's $39 billion deal with AT&T collapsed.
  • Google's Schmidt denies working with snooping Carrier IQ

    Carrier IQ makes software that operators including AT&T and Sprint Nextel install in mobile devices. It transmits data that Carrier IQ says allows mobile operators to better understand their devices and networks, however it also collects and transmits potentially sensitive data about phone users.
  • Steve Jobs wanted his own telco network

    Sprint was silly for making a $15.5 billion four-year deal with Apple to sell the iPhone. When Stanton was head of Voicestream, the operator that became T-Mobile, his company invested in Danger, the company that invented the Sidekick and whose developers went on to build Android.
  • Huawei buys rest of Huawei-Symantec

    In 2010, a group of Republican lawmakers threw their toys out of the pram when Huawei made a bid to supply mobile telecommunications equipment to Sprint Nextel Corp.
  • IT outfits run on dysfunctional boards

    Top of the list was Sprint-Nextel which has lost 80 percent of its market value over the last five years. Unable to compete with AT&T and Verizon Wireless, Sprint's board has consistently backed CEO Dan Hesse. It watched as the oufit bought Nextel for $35 billion.
  • Next iPhone appears from Sprint this October

    That rumoured next iPhone will appear in mid-Octber, according to the Wall Street Journal's sources, and it will be sold by Sprint Nextel.

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