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  • Apple tries to be cool and buys Beats

    It is the biggest deal that Apple has signed, normally Apple buys companies worth hundreds of millions of dollars rather than billions, and Beats does not have that many customers. But iTunes sales are falling and Pandora and Spotify are giving it a good kicking.
  • Google does evil to independent music business

    The service has not officially been announced and will compete directly with Spotify, Deezer and their rivals.
  • Apple pureed by Pandora

    Apple is having a major rethink about what to do about its aging iTunes store, after the signs suggest that it is being crushed by rival store Pandora and Spotify.
  • Apple mulls extension to walled garden

    Of course, the tame Apple press is saying that such a cunning plan will cure cancer and rival Spotify and Beats Music.
  • Spotify gears up for IPO

    London-based Music streaming service Spotify is preparing for an initial public offering (IPO) which could be the next big IT industry share offering.
  • Wall Street goes insane over Spotify

    Spotify has reportedly been valued at $4 billion after securing $250 million in financing for global expansion. The round of funding, spearheaded by Technology Crossover Ventures, will help the music streaming giant break into new territories such as Japan, enthused | The Wall Street Journal.
  • Google Music All Access' killer app: understanding data

    CommentGoogle has just rolled out its music streaming service to all Android customers here in the UK. It's optimised for phone and tablet use with an in-browser web app too, becoming the latest in a long list to take on Spotify's domination in music streaming subscriptions.
  • IsoHunt founder suggests new project on the cards

    He imagined a "reboot" of IsoHunt over the next ten years, where consumers are active participants in the creation of content, and said for now, the project will be called IsoHunt Spotlight, and could be a concoction made up of services such as Kickstarter, Netflix, Spotify, Gamefly, and Kindle Owne
  • Microsoft announces iTunes clone

    Microsoft is providing cloud-storage features similar to iTunes and Amazon Cloud Player and an artist-based radio function like music streaming services Pandora and Spotify. It will be available in 22 countries.
  • Microsoft comes up with iTunes rival

    Xbox Music seeks to offer streaming for a monthly or annual fee, similar to Spotify nd let consumers buy digital music through an online store, such as Zune, iTunes and
  • Spotify spooked Apple

    Spotify director Sean Parker has implied that the fruity cargo cult Apple had been using dirty tricks to prevent it from entering the US market.
  • IFPI music piracy claims labelled 'ludicrous'

    The increase was largely attributed to an increase in presence of subscription based services such as Spotify and Deezer, with the amount of countries accessing services more than doubling during 2011 from 23 to 58.
  • Striking Spanish author sparks digital publishing debate

    Since the birth of Napster music execs have been spending much time removing their heads from the sand/their arses over how to deal with the problem of freely downloaded content.
  • Online music sales up half a billion dollars a year

    Further increases to revenue in all regions could also be seen in the rise of subscription based sites such as Spotify.  Although these sites offer little in the way of remuneration to artists and labels they are expected to quickly grow as a way of funding the industry.
  • Vince Cable: You can own your own property

    Though the content industry will continue to persecute their own biggest customers, legal services such as Spotify are gaining serious traction. For £10 a month in the UK you can access millions of tracks, which doesn't sound too dissimilar to buying one album a month and pirating the rest.
  • Popular sites use compulsory tracking

    It had been used by Hulu, but when Berkeley revealed the nature of the service, the outfit cut ties straight away. Spotify, another Kissmetrics customer named in the report, said that it was concerned and has suspended its use of the service.
  • Spotify hit by patent troll

    Sure enough, when the UK's Spotify launched to great acclaim this month a patent troll was waiting to get a slice of the action.
  • Tennessee clamps down on entertainment outlaws

    “But my little’uns, why they're sick boss,” said one brave old lady, her hands shaking as she grasped her bottle of sarsaparilla. “They're sick and tired of having to pay to sign up to Spotify to listen to their Justin Bieber records, boss

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