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Founded Jan 1946
Headquarters San Diego, CA, USA

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  • Big content wants to freeze Dotcom's assets

    Warner Music, UMG Recordings, Sony Music and Capitol Records, 20th Century Fox, Disney, Paramount, Universal, Columbia Pictures and Warner Brothers are all involved in the attempt.
  • Sony slashes OLED TV production

    As we expected, Sony has walked away from the idea of OLED tellies, according to the Japanese Nikkei newspaper.
  • AMD gets ambidextrous with one ARM

    AMD is trying to make "ambidextrous" the new buzz-word for computing.
  • Blu-ray is a Norwegian blue

    Sony has warned of heavy losses primarily due to its exit from the PC business and because "demand for physical media is contracting faster than anticipated.
  • Sony slashes profits again

    Sony is warning that it will have another steep decline in profits, which suggests that chief executive Kazuo Hirai might be making a trip to the car park, writing a haiku about the briefness of life before hacking into his stomach with a steak knife while his secretary covers him with cherry blosso
  • Sony finds new life in magnetic tape

    Sony has developed a new magnetic tape technology that is touted to feature the world's highest areal recording density of 148 Gb/in square.
  • Sony Vaio Fit for Fire

    Sony has warned the world that its Vaio Fit is only fit for the flames and its battery needs replacing.
  • Blackberry boss will give product leakers a good kicking

    Sony is cracking down on leakers by rolling out stringent security measures in its offices. Apple of course has been running a paranoid security system which makes Eastern Germany, and the United States Israel look like rank amateurs.
  • Japanese PM picks Nintendo for role model

    Still, it could have been worse, he could have claimed that Sony was a success story.
  • Samsung releases Smartwatch and fitness band

    Samsung set a trend less than six months ago for wearable devices that link to mobile handsets with its Galaxy Gear watch, which has seen rivals like Sony and Huawei follow in its wake.
  • Sony kills off its funky Vaio chicken

    Sony has announced that it is quitting the computer business and is splitting its TV division into a separate unit as it warned it expects steep losses this year.
  • Apple's sultan of spin gets his knickers in a twist

    Dell also still makes a few computers although it was founded four months after the first Mac was released. Sony produced computers in the 1980s, left the business in 1990, but reentered in 1996 with the VAIO.
  • Microsoft does better than expected

    Microsoft's new Xbox One console, launched in November, helped the top line, contributing more than half to the 7.4 million unit sales in the quarter, up from 5.9 million a year ago. This is even while Sony's cheaper PlayStation 4 appears to be winning the latest video game showdown.
  • World not ready to wear computers yet

    Sony, Samsung and Qualcomm showed off new or recently launched smartwatches, most of which act as extensions to mobile, letting users check messages and appointments. But all they seem to save from doing is taking your phone out of your pocket.
  • Samsung releases 110-inch TV

    Sony and Panasonic appear to have given up completely.
  • Playstation ganboys claim conspiracy

    Reports came in, soon after the PS4's release that the gismo was overheating. Since this was exactly the same issue that the early Xbox faced, and the sort of thing that Playstation fanboys gleefully hassled their Microsoft rivals over, it was vital to find a scapegoat which was not Sony.
  • Sony PS4 is bricking already

    Sony's launch of its new PlayStation 4 has been blighted by a "blue light of death" syndrome.
  • Lady Geek wants to turn ladies into proper geeks

    Women currently hold only 17 percent of tech jobs in the UK, although 30 percent of the best paid jobs for a woman are in tech.Luckily, big players have already identified the trend and companies like Dell, Microsoft, Nokia, Sony and Ubisoft are already working with Lady Geek to bring their products

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