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Founded Jan 1979
Headquarters Scotts Valley, CA, USA

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  • Seagate takes the helium out of fast hard drive

    Seagate has released a 6TB, enterprise-class hard disk drive, which is 28 per cent faster than its earlier 4TB drive and does not use helium.
  • Seagate buys Xyratex

    Drive maker Seagate has written a cheque for $374 million to buy network and storage equipment maker Xyratex. Xyratex was originally part of IBM, but then spun off to be its own thing.
  • Seagate creates bigger HDD for tablets

    For a while the size of tablet hard-drives has been strictly limited, however Seagate wants to change all that with its Ultra Mobile HDD.
  • Seagate goes solid state, unveils first SSD product line

    Seagate has unveiled its first solid state drive product line, featuring a range of SSD drives for the consumer and enterprise market, along with a PCIe card in tow.
  • PC slump might well have a silver lining

    The vast majority of PCs still ship with cumbersome and slow mechanical hard drives. We are seeing some promising developments in the ultrathin notebook market, as vendors start to include hybrid drives and low capacity SSDs in mid range gear.
  • Marvell loses $1.17 billion to university, in patent place

    Marvell made $615.1 million profit on net revenue of $3.39 billion this year and has Western Digital and Seagate among its largest customers.
  • Seagate keeps schtum on faulty iMac hard drives

    Seagate has remained quiet on the problems surrounding faulty hard disk drives in Apple computers, with even greater numbers now assumed to be affected.
  • Seagate warns of slowing growth

    Hard drive maker Seagate is predicting that its first quarter revenue will be below estimates thanks to slowing PC sales and lower-than-expected growth in its enterprise business.
  • Hard drive prices remain stubbornly high

    So, where do we stand today? Analysts are predicting high hard drive prices throughout 2012 and even 2013. What's more, the retail market is getting the worst of it. In the weeks and months leading up to the floods retail consumers could pick up a 2TB hard drive for as little as 50 euro or £40.
  • Hard drive densities will double in size by 2016

    It looks like Seagate's prediction that the densities of hard disk drives will double by 2016 are proving right, according to IHS iSuppli.
  • Seagate unveils future of HDDs with HAMR sandwich

    Seagate has unveiled what it thinks is the future of hard disk drives with a storage density of one trillion bits per square inch.
  • Western Digital completes Hitachi buy out

    From this cash-and-stock deal, Western Digital has now merged with Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, with the latter taking over ten percent of WD, and has created the world’s largest HDD manufacturer. This WD move leaves just Toshiba, Seagate and WD in place.
  • HDD business to become Mexican standoff

    AnalysisThe HDD business will soon become a three-way shoot-out, with only Seagate, Western Digital and Toshiba to provide mechanical storage media for our storage hunger.
  • Hitachi claims it has the fastest Ultrabook HDD

    Right now the only alternative are Seagate’s Momentus Thin HDDs, that offer less cache and smaller capacities than Hitachi. Shipments of the drive begin next month, but pricing, as the OEM-oriented product that it is, is unavailable.
  • HDD supply trouble continues into 2012

    It will take until the third quarter of this year before unit shipments have caught up enough to break into annual growth.  Indeed, one of the leading HDD manufacturers, Seagate, also pointed out last week that it could be well into 2013 before disruption to the market is actually over.
  • Mechanical HDDs make great storage

    Hardware RoundupWhile you might be all for the latest and fastest SSDs, you know you can’t do without a place to dump all your stored files. Hot Hardware looks at the Seagate Barracuda 3TB 7200RPM hard disk drive.
  • Hybrid drives are best of both worlds

    Hardware RoundupWe’ve got a few gems for you today, starting off with Tom’s Hardware and the Seagate’s Momentus XT 750 GB hybrid drive, now in its second generation. It seems hybrid drives manage to combine the best of both worlds – SSD and HDD – at an affordable price.
  • Seagate and Western Digital cut back on HDD warranties

    The days of thinking that your hard drive will last at least five years is over with Seagate and Western Digitalcutting back on hard drive warranties.

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