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Founded Mar 2007
Headquarters San Francisco, CA, USA

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  • Now your books are spying on you

    Last week, Smashwords made a deal to put 225,000 books on Scribd, a digital library here that unveiled a reading subscription service in October.
  • Zombie cookies don't crumble

    LawA privacy activist lawyer is taking MTV, ESPN, MySpace, Hulu, ABC, NBC and Scribdto the cleaners because they used storage in Adobe's Flash player to raise cookies from the dead after they had been deleted by users.
  • Opera and Scribd join the Apple versus Adobe war

    This support may be small comfort for Adobe, however, as Scribd, the online document website, has just announced that it will be ditching Flash for HTML5. It has used Flash for the past 3 years to develop its browser application that allows you to upload, edit, and download various documents.

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