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  • SCO nearly gives up

    The anti-Linux bad-boy SCO appears to have finally given up the ghost and moved to Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
  • Microsoft forbidden to keep Novell patents

    There were fears that Microsoft could do a SCO and use the patents in its war against Linux and effectively force people to use Windows.
  • SCO knew that there was not enough of its code in Linux

    Groklaw has found evidence that the anti-Linux bad-boy SCO knew that there was no Unix under the bonnet of Linux long before it began its long and fatal court battle.
  • Fake Steve Jobs killed off

    Lyons is used to stink. He was one of the few hacks who stood up for the anti-Linux bad boy SCO, until that particular stink got too much. If he had not come up with the fake Steve Jobs persona it would have been his contribution to the tech world.
  • SCO case is officially over

    SCO's long running battle against Novell is finally over with the anti-Linux bad-boy routed and its litigation officially deader than a Norwegian Blue.
  • Microsoft starts patent war against Android

    Microsoft has confirmed that it is doing a SCO and is demanding licence money from hardware makers that use Android.
  • SCO battle finally dead in water

    AnalysisAfter seven years a jury told SCO that the Unix patents it had been using to threaten Linux users actually belonged to Novell.
  • SCO's threat to Linux is over

    After seven years of SCO lawsuits, the anti-Linux badboy has been sunk by Novell.
  • Fake Steve Jobs site to shut down

    Lyons had a reputation in the tech industry for his unfunny defence of the anti-Linux bad-boy SCO. For four years he was SCO's attack dog in Forbes against blogs which he said were “spewing lies, libel and invective" against SCO.
  • Microsoft's Amazon deal was all about Linux

    CommentAs a strategy it would be pretty effective. It is done to an outfit which is big enough to lose a lot of cash if Microsoft sues it. It will most likely say “OK” because licencing its technology to Microsoft does not cost it anything and it buys piece of mind for its future Linux projects.
  • iPhone users are still revolting

    Lyon,s with all the conviction that he used to back SCO, washed his hands of the revolt and left it to braver souls to take over.

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