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  • SAP fears volatile exchange rates

    SAP warned that it expected the negative impact of volatile exchange rates to worsen in the second quarter because of the strong euro.
  • HP writes cheque to make shareholders go away

    Shareholders were a little upset. They thought they had invested in a successful hardware company but suddenly they had put their money in a less successful version of SAP.
  • Aussies walk away from failed SAP project

    The Northern Territory Government has decided that it will walk away from a failed SAP project and will write off the $70 million already spent on it.
  • Blackberry can't sell its way out of jam

    BlackBerry named John Chen, credited with turning around Sybase Inc in the late 1990s, as its interim CEO and executive chairman. Sybase, an enterprise software company, was eventually acquired by SAP AG in 2010.
  • Analysts wonder about Lenovo Blackberry bid

    Multiple sources close to the matter have told Reuters BlackBerry is in talks with Cisco, Google and SAP to flog all, or parts of itself.  But the names are unlikely to want all of the company and will want to buy bits that mesh well with or expand their own businesses.
  • Queue forms to squeeze Blackberry

    Cisco, Google and SAP have been seen snuffling around corporate HQ looking for bargains and measuring the curtains.
  • Ancient SAP software poisons networks

    SAP's expensive business software, which no one knows  what it does, and is so esoteric that no one ever bothers to upgrade it, could be a ticking security bomb.
  • SAP wins complicated patent war

    The Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) of the US Patent and Trademark Office has ruled that a key patent used in a case against SAP case is too abstract.
  • SAP hunts for autistic workers

    According to the Manchester Guardian, SAP said that it will provide job coaches to act as mediators between autistic workers and their colleagues.
  • Qualcomm CIO thinks Oracle is a dinosaur

    Business Insider reports Fjeldheim went on to say that Oracle is practically a dinosaur and that it and SAP should be scared of competitors like NetSuite. Oddly enough, the praise might have not been the best thing for NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson, who was also in attendance.
  • SAP loses Versata appeal

    According to Computerworld, Versata’s product was called Pricer, and the software was used by SAP customers as a "bolt-on" to its core ERP system.
  • SAP stumbles in Asia

    FinancialThe maker of expensive management software, SAP, is having some trouble making sales in Asia.
  • HP chairman Ray Lane quits

    Lane's hold on HP was really under question after Apotheker bravely lead the company to a major disaster. Lane was an enthusiastic supporter of Apotheker's daft idea to turn HP into SAP.
  • Oracle blames sales teams for poor results

    There are other figures within Oracle's bottom line which are not that great. Its hardware division, for example, is still pretty poor, and the outfit is facing greater competition in cloud or web-based software from the likes of IBM, SAP and Salesforce.
  • HP director defends chairman from headhunters

    After all anyone who worked for Oracle is worth keeping,  they might be able to spot that an SAP clone was not what it claimed to be.
  • HP waters down Autonomy allegations

    Autonomy was bought by former HP CEO Léo Apotheker as part of his moves to turn HP into a bigger version of SAP. However in SAP the idea was always to sell expensive management software which no-one really knew what it did. In the case of Autonomy, neither did Apotheker.
  • Cisco attempts to shift its goalposts

    Speaking to press at the company's headquarters, Chambers said mobile devices and sensors connected to internet were impacting on major players such as Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle and Cisco.
  • Intel's Mooly Eden hints at copying Apple

    There is one obvious downside to this cunning plan. Copying Apple when you are probably the least 'cool' company in the known universe, next, perhaps, to SAP, is problematic. Intel selling its own walled garden of delights is a bit like IBM selling sex toys.

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