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Founded Jan 1969
Headquarters Seoul, KOR

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  • Apple shakes up shares

    However, what Apple has not done is produce any new product and its long term future is a little shaky. The smartphone market is maturing and rivals like Samsung are taking chunks out of its mobile-device market share.
  • Apple press screams over Google and Samsung defence pact

    The Tame Apple Press (TAP) has been screaming about the fact that Google has agreed to pay part of Samsung's legal bill as it tries to see off Apple's patent cases.
  • AMD will develop a 20nm process

    Su has confirmed that the company plans to move its product line to process technologies that take advantage of FinFET transistors, but Su did not reveal whether the company plans to move to 14nm XM hybrid FinFET process technology ot 16nm FinFET.
  • Apple fanboys trading up to Samsung

    The release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 has seen a sudden spike in the number of Apple fans trying to offload their iPhones to get their paws on the new Samsung.
  • Samsung will have Tizen smartphone by July

    Samsung's Vice President of Product Strategy has confirmed that the outfit will release its first Tizen-powered smartphone before the beginning of July.
  • Google denies ripping off Apple

    The second Apple v. Samsung patent infringement trial is underway with Cupertino claiming that five of its patents are being infringed upon by devices such as Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Tab 10.1.
  • Samsung's Galaxy S5 hits the UK shops

    Samsung's latest flagship model, the Galaxy S5 has gone on sale across the UK less than a year after its predecessor the Galaxy S4 made an appearance.
  • Apple wants silly money from Samsung

    Jobs' Mob's reality distortion field has been a major reason why it could not reach an agreement with Samsung.
  • Steve Jobs did not invent slide-to-lock controller

    One of the central articles of faith in the Apple reality distortion field has been battered like a Scottish Mars Bar, deep fried and served up to a court by Samsung lawyers.
  • CryptoPhone use increases

    The CryptoPhone is based on Samsung's Galaxy S3 handset but it has an extra Android ROM that allows encrypted calls, disables location tracking, and provides zero-knowledge encryption keys that never leave the device.
  • Things look brighter for Micron

    Prices for DRAM chips made by Micron, Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix have bounced back from a deep memory chip price slump in 2012.
  • Opening shots fired in Samsung versus Apple case

    The opening shots in the Samsung versus Apple case are about as inane and silly as you would think.
  • Barking councillors opt for Chromebook

    The council bought Samsung 303Cs as its Chromebook of choice because of its "impressive battery life and portability
  • Samsung versus Apple case getting silly

    The latest patent case between Apple and Samsung is going to be nasty and silly, if the opening shots are anything to go by.
  • Samsung puzzled by Galaxy S5 launch

    Samsung is apparently puzzled about how it launched its new flagship Galaxy S5 in South Korea without knowing about it.
  • Samsung has some production problems

    Samsung's iPhone destroying Galaxy might be too late to steal the march on its rival.
  • Galaxy S5 might be delayed

    Samsung's Galaxy S5 smartphone which is supposed to be in the shops on 11 April might be delayed due to problems with the camera module.
  • Apple cans big tab – report

    While Samsung has already introduced a 12.2-inch tablet aimed at the corporate market, the word on the Taiwanese strasse is that Apple has thrown the idea out.

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