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Founded Jan 1984
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  • Blackberry beats chipmaker in court

    Troubled Canadian mobile phone maker Blackberry has managed to convince a jury that it did not nick three ideas belonging to Dutch semiconductor company NXP.
  • Blackberry walks away from TMobile

    You would think that the troubled mobile maker Blackberry would need all the friends it can get; but apparently, it does not want any help from TMobile.
  • Blackberry boss will give product leakers a good kicking

    People leaking details of Blackberry products will face the full wrath of BlackBerry CEO John Chen.
  • Aussies want people to decrypt their encryptions

    Australia's Attorney General department is jolly cross that people are encrypting their traffic so that it cannot be read by spooks.
  • Apple dreams of "insane" Samsung pay out

    Two years ago, after someone was awarded that per-patent-per-unit figure against Research In Motion, Mueller said that such damages/royalty figures would make smartphone unaffordable.
  • Blackberry still King of Nigeria

    While Blackberry sales all of the world are tanking, it seems that the Canadian outfit has won the hearts and minds of the people of Nigeria.
  • Ford ditches Microsoft

    The former maker of the Model T, Ford has decided that Microsoft is too expensive and is going to shove Blackberry tech under the bonnet of its cars.
  • Mozilla to trash smartphone market

    At Mobile World Congress 2014, Mozilla, maker of Google-financed browsers, announced that its mobile OS version known now as FireFox OS will be the foundation for several new low-cost phones that are designed for consumption in markets with low smartphone penetration, writes our correspondent, Tom H
  • Woz tells Apple to make Android phones

    In a move that will make him appear as a Judas Iscariot to the fruit themed cargo cult which he founded, engineering genius and all round good bloke Steve Wozniak has told Apple it should make an Android Phone.
  • Pentagon saves Blackberry

    While the rest of the world is walking away from the mobile outfit Blackberry, it appears that the US government sees a major advantage in using its ultra-secure network and it has just bought 80,000 handsets.
  • Blackberry hands in its Keys

    Popular beat combo artist Alicia Keys has given up on hawking Blackberry just a year after starting as the outfit’s "global creative director
  • Owning an iPhone makes you a king among stupid people

    CommentThe Daily Fail has released one of the dumbest stories we have ever seen claiming that iPhone users are more intelligent than the rest of the riff-raff who do not waste their cash on overpriced toys.
  • Begun the Android wars have

    The proxy war against Google’s Android has flared up into full conflict.
  • Blackberry crumbles

    Blackberry sales have practically died in the key markets of US, China, Spain and Japan and only Britain and Canada keeping sales afloat.
  • Blackberry guts senior stuff

    Tear played a key role in BlackBerry's latest restructuring, while Boulben was instrumental in the company changing its branding and name to BlackBerry from Research In Motion.
  • One in ten smartphones runs Windows

    Microsoft's deals with Nokia are starting to make slow but noticeable progress, with more than ten percent of smartphones in the EU running on Windows.
  • Blackberry can't sell its way out of jam

    Troubled mobile phone seller Blackberry has worked out that it can't sell its way out of its jam.
  • Analysts wonder about Lenovo Blackberry bid

    The cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street seem a little baffled by Chinese outfit Lenovo’s moves to buy the troubled mobile phone maker Blackberry.

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