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  • EU watchdog about to bite Philips, Samsung and Infineon

    Renesas was apparently given a "Get out of Jail Free Card" by the Commission because it grassed up the others. Renesas has not publically admitted its role in the affair and was unaware that the other companies would be fined.
  • Synaptics wants Apple back

    Synaptics last supplied parts to Apple around eight years ago, and has announced that it is writing a cheque for $475 million for the remaining outstanding shares in Renesas Drivers, a unit of Japanese chipmaker Renesas
  • Broadcom buys Renesas' 4G chip division

    Broadcom has announced it will buy the LTE chip segment of Japanese chip maker Renesas.
  • Broadcom squares up to Qualcomm in LTE

    At the moment, Qualcomm is shipping the vast majority of LTE chips - at 86 percent over 2012. Samsung made nine percent for its own products. Other players, along with Broadcom, will roll into the segment next year, and that will also include competition from Nvidia, Renesas, and Intel.
  • Renesas gets government bailout

    Shareholders of Japan's troubled electronics maker Renesas have approved an offer you can't refuse from their government.
  • Renesas reaches for the Rennies

    Renesas told the world+dog that it will post a $1.1 billion loss in the July-September quarter.
  • Renesas might be saved by Toyota and Japan

    It seems that the troubled Japanese chipmaker Renesas might be bailed out by a consortium including Toyota and the Japanese government.
  • Fujitsu, NEC, Docomo, square up to Qualcomm

    Sections of the Japanese electronics industry have been having a hard time of it lately - the yen is too strong for many to remain competitive, and native chipmaker Renesas has just been saved by fellow countrymen at Mitsubishi.
  • Mitsubishi bails out Renesas

    Japan's Mitsubishi Electric is stepping in to prop up chipmaker Renesas Electronics.
  • Toshiba slashes chip production

    The company has said that it has been caught by oversupply and falling prices. This even though its other Japanese rival Elpida filed for bankruptcy and its other enemy Renesas is trying to avoid a similar problem by cutting its workforce and closing half of its domestic plants.
  • Renesas axes 12 percent of its staff

    Japanese chipmaker Renesas plans to slash 12 percent of its workforce and sell off half of its 19 domestic plants within three years.
  • Worldwide chips sales down three percent

    Analysts say that production in Japan for chips dropped during May, and this could continue, with Renesas set to close off capacity later in the year.
  • Ramtron spurns Cypress

    Atmel and Renesas Electronics are believed to be snuffling around for Ramtron's favours and might even be persuaded to dance with it at one of Lady Ballmer's balls.
  • Fujitsu wants to restart chip business merger talks

    In a bid to keep up with South Korean competition and remain a part of Japan's semiconductor market, the company wants to pick up on talks with Renesas and Panasonic, which have in the past been interested in a partnership.
  • TSMC to build 450 millimetre wafer factory

    Chang expected TSMC would gain "lots of" business over the next five years from Japan's Renesas Electronics to make chips on a contract manufacturing basis.
  • Renesas goes cap in hand to shareholders

    Japan's ailing chipmaker Renesas is going cap in hand to its major shareholders, like the company which sounds like a sneeze, Hitachi.
  • Renesas shares plummet

    However, currently the plans are just talk, with sources telling Reuters that the company must get approval from its main shareholders, which include members from Hitachi, Mitsubishi and NEC. The trio of companies are said to hold more than 90 percent of Renesas shares.
  • Renesas ties up with TSMC

    Troubled Japanese chipmaker Renesas Electronics has signed a pact with TSMC in a bid to keep up with its competition while it is suffering from heavy losses.

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