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Founded Jan 1995
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  • Red Hat warns world of patent trolls

    Red Hat's Fedora engineering manager Tom Callaway told LinuxCon that it would only take one patent troll to get past its defences and the company would be shut down.
  • Adobe moves to total subscription model

    All this sounds rather reasonable and uses the same model which allowed Red Hat to do rather well. In fact there is no doubt that a subscription model is a way forward.
  • Linus Torvalds blasts Microsoft in sweary tirade

    The developers were discussing ways of improving the Linux kernel with a bit of code that makes it easier to boot on Windows 8 PCs. The process of booting Linux on PCs shipped with Windows 8 has been complicated due to the widespread use of UEFI firmware with Secure Boot feature enabled.
  • Google's Chrome declares Red Hat 'obsolete'

    Google has declared Red Hat's RHEL 6 as obsolete which means that users can't use new versions of Chrome.
  • Top developer hits out at Fedora 18

    A top Linux kernel developer has dubbed Fedora 18 "the worst Red Hat distro" he has ever seen.
  • Apple and Google embrace for Kodak moment

    In a separate case, Google told a court that "abstract patents" are plaguing the technology industry. Along with other companies such as Facebook and Red Hat, Google told a court that software patents should not be granted where ideas are too abstract to be monopolised.
  • Red Hat feuds with Rising Tide Systems

    According to Muktware, it all started on the Linux kernel mailing list when Andy Grover, a Red Hat SCSI target engineer, requested that Nick Bellinger, the Linux SCSI target maintainer, provide proof of non-infringment of the GPL.
  • AMD and ARM team up for server chips

    As part of the announcement, OEM partners showed that they were committed to developing in the data centre, with HP, Dell and Red Hat heaping on the praise for more flexible approaches to server hardware.
  • AMD boasts of big data SeaMicro SM15000

    The microserver can provide up to 10 gigabits per second of bandwidth to eachCPU, and connect up to 1,408 solid state or hard drives using Fabric Storage. It delivers, AMD claims, up to 16 10 GbE uplinks, or up to 64 1GbE uplinks.
  • Red Hat, Canonical accused of being traitors to the open sauce cause

    OpenBSD founder Theo de Raadt has waded into Red Hat and Canonical over the way that the pair have reacted to Microsoft's introduction of "secure" boot.
  • Time managed what the RIAA couldn't

    Last time there was a leap second there were a few problems for systems admins. This time people like Red Hat released a few patches to make sure that nothing went tits up. However there are reports of other companies having similar problems.
  • IBM looks to low end server market with PowerLinux system

    IBM has introduced new PowerLinux systems, using Red Hat and SUSE Linux software with its Power 7 processors.
  • IBM appeals to wider server market with PowerLinux system

    IBM has introduced new PowerLinux systems, using Red Hat and SUSE Linux software with its Power 7 processors.
  • Red Hat is officially worth a billion

    After more than 17 years on the market, the open saucer Red Hat is officially worth over a billion dollars.
  • Government reveals G-Cloud suppliers

    Other big names on the list were Google, Microsoft, BT and Atos.   Open source firms such as Red Hat were also present on the list of potential suppliers.  Click here for a full list of suppliers.
  • Businesses bugged by end point security risks

    At the top of the 20 major firms studies, vulberabillities were mainly seen among open source companies. Novell and Red Hat were two of the firms which saw increasing problems, while Microsoft and Google saw a reduction over the last year.
  • Vendors rush to patch Linux flaw

    Ubuntu and Red Hat have already released patches to address this vulnerability and other vendors are expected to follow.
  • Intel’s Itanic is close to the end

    CommentIn the last week we reported how the Itanium Solutions page, hosted by Intel has been disappeared with virtually no traces left. The ISA, launched to fanfare in 2005 - had as members Intel, HP, NEC, SGI, Unisys, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Microsoft, Red Hat, Novell, Oracle, SAP and SAS - as reported by ZD Ne

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