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  • ISPs propose pro-piracy website blacklist

    They are planning a controversial Voluntary Code of Practice. That'd be the freedom to block any website that pushes and promotes copyright infringement online, with the group having already drawn up a list of targets including The Pirate Bay, NewzBin2 and Rapidshare.
  • BitTorrent is not the main source of digital piracy

    Rapidshare's terms of service specifically prohibits "works the download of which violates third-party copyrights". But the site also says that it does not open and view the files of its users, and contains no search function so that other users may look for content.
  • Rapidshare claims victory in the USA

    Rapidshare claims it won another landmark court case, this time in a US court. An online provider of NSFW T&A content called Perfect 10 had filed a case with a disctrict court in California's Southern District against Rapidshare and tried to get an injunction against the Swiss file hoster.
  • Rapidshare wins landmark case

    File hoster Rapidshare has won a landmark court case in Germany. The Higher Regional Court Düsseldorf decided the company is not to be held responsible for alleged copyright infringements perpetrated by its users.
  • ACTA to criminalise technology, consumers

    In other words, any torrent tracker, such as or, would be outlawed. File hosters such as Rapidshare, Megaupload or a service like Dropbox could be considered to be illegal, depending how a law maker or court would define "significant infringements

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