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Founded Jan 1990
Headquarters Los Altos, CA, USA

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Latest Rambus news

  • Rambus and Micron settle at last

    Chipmaker Micron and the former chip designer turned patent troll Rambus have finally ended a 12 year court battle.
  • Freescale picks up eRRAM IP from Rambus

    Long term court rivals Rambus and Freescale appear to be getting close after announcing that Freescale will get access to Rambus' patents for memory controllers and serial links.
  • Rambus settles patent dispute with SK Hynix

    Memory outfit turned patent troll Rambus has penned a $240 million patent licensing agreement with SK Hynix.
  • Rambus is in hot water

    It looks like chipmaker turned patent troll Rambus is in hot water with the courts.
  • Rambus loses patent suit against LSI and STMicroelectronics

    Rambus has lost a suit against chip makers LSI and STMicroelectronics. The company, which sometimes faces accusations of being a patent troll, was dealt a blow after the US International Trade Commission ruled that the pair did not infringe on any of the company's patents.
  • MediaTek signs patent deal with Rambus

    Rambus has announcedthat MediaTek has signed a patent licensing agreement covering its integrated circuit IP.
  • Tablets and smartphones: Why PC vendors should panic

    AnalysisMemory manufacturing companies are also investing in developing new technologies that will – one way or another – end up in the palm of your hand. Whether it’s ReRAM, MRAM or CMOx-based Flash, R&D money is going straight into these business units.
  • Rambus claims death of NAND ahead

    Rambus Inc, purveyors of fine memory IP, is headed down the path of Flash memory, a first in company history. The purchase of Unity Semiconductor is the first step in cornering the Flash memory market thanks to, what Rambus believes to be, the forthcoming demise of NAND.
  • Rambus buys Unity Semiconductor

    Rambus has purchased Unity Semiconductor for the tidy sum of $35 million, less than half of the company’s initial $75 million VC investment.
  • The Angel looks upon 2011, and lo it was all over

    TechEye BibleAnd the LORD was in his heaven and called forth the Angel of the Year before him and spake and said, “It hath been bought to my attention that thou hath been a bit crap.” And the Angel did tremble and shake for the LORD was known for being a bit tetchy at times and it was written that he that pisset
  • Rambus loses key patent case

    Rambus's days as a patent troll appear to be numbered after it lost an important $3.95 billion jury trial over its allegations that Micron and Hynix Semiconductor conspired to prevent its memory chips from becoming an industry standard.
  • Jury still out in Hynix, Rambus case

    The jury is still out trying to work out if Hynix Semiconductor and Micron Technology conspired to push Rambus out of the memory-chip market.
  • Freescale expects worse Q3

    The good news for Freescale is that earlier this year, it and Rambus stopped the patent scrap, and it is positioned well in the automotive market.
  • Rambus calls foul on Micron and Hynix

    Rambus was in court again, only this time it was not suing someone for violating its patents.
  • Cost of lawyers goes up for Rambus

    IP outfit Rambus turned in a net loss for its second financial quarter. The cost of layers of lawyers is going up.
  • Freescale kicks off at MediaTek

    However, it has also been on the receiving end of accusations from Rambus. Haven't we all?
  • Hynix sued in DRAM patent row

    Fresh from its legal fight with patent troll Rambus, the semiconductor outfit has found itself on the receiving end of a suit filed by Cascades Computer Innovation LLC (CCI)
  • Micron and Hynix "conspired to destroy Rambus"

    LawA US court was told how Micron and Hynix used their combined power to prevent Rambus' superior memory technology from becoming an industry standard.

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