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Founded Jan 1891
Headquarters Guildford, Surrey, GBR

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  • EU watchdog about to bite Philips, Samsung and Infineon

    EU watchdogs are about to bite the rump of Philips, Samsung and Infineon for fixing prices of chips used in mobile SIM cards.
  • Blackberry beats chipmaker in court

    NXP was spun off from Koninklijke Philips Electronics NV in 2006. It is certainly not a patent troll as it makes products based on "products with no big chip in the middle
  • Internet of Things lighting systems hacked

    Philips created a Hue LED lighting system, a smart lightbulb which uses wi-fi to connect to the net. Users can use their smartphones or computers connected to the web or local networks to turn lights on and off and control the colour of ambient lighting.
  • Apple urged to acknowledge exploitative tin use

    Although Apple, with Philips and Samsung, has signed up to a partnership with Dutch government agency the Sustainable Trade Initiative, and the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition, to discuss the problems of mining Bangka tin, it is refusing to come clean, in line with the apparent modus oper
  • iPhone 'liberation' kit sells out in minutes

    Apple, which believes in taxation without representation, tries to stop its customers from replacing the batteries of its iPhone so that it can make money on repairs. It managed this by using pentalobe screws instead of the standard Philips variety.
  • LG in a spin

    FinancialThe company's figures were not helped by the fact that in December, the European Commission imposed the biggest antitrust penalty in its history, fining six firms including LG, Philips, Panasonic and others a total of 1.47 billion euros for running two cartels for nearly a decade.
  • Dutch chip maker, NXP, sues RIM

    NXP was spun off from Koninklijke Philips Electronics NV in 2006, and it owns 1,000 issued or pending patents, and generated $4.2 billion of annual revenue.
  • NXP abandons MRAM patents

    The spin off of Philips - NPX Semiconductors - has apparently decided that there's no future in MRAM, once a most promising area of memory.
  • USB toothbrush could raise house prices

    Philips hasn't solved the problem of needing a dump mid-World of Warcraft - and we don't advise Cartman-from-South-Park-esque levels of fecal depravity - but at least it has invented an innovation to brush the Cheetos from your neckbeard, mid-Spell, you tremendous Mage.
  • Vodafone to meet with human rights groups

    Bond is being replaced by Gerard Kleisterlee, the former chief executive of Dutch electronics firm Philips. It is the first time that Vodafone's two most senior leaders are not British. Chief executive Vittorio Colao is Italian.
  • Apple admits it has problems with its bottoms

    Loose bottomed fanboys can now have an Apple Genius tinker with their bottoms, or simply order a replacement part online. The replacement kit comes complete with something to screw in your bottom and a Philips driver.
  • Europe to dominate OLED panel market

    Germany, as usual for newer technologies, will pave the way for driving sales in the foreseeable future. It'll make up a fourth of all sales between 2011 and 2018, while manufacturing will also find a steady home, concentrated in Germany by companies such as BASF, Fraunhofer, Philips and others.
  • LG dodges Blu Ray patent group because it still wants to litigate

    Cyberlink announced that it had joined forces with Hitachi, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung and LG arch-rival Sony to form One-Blue, LLC. The idea of the consortium is to help companies in the industry with a patent licensing service.
  • Apple demonstrates staggeringly screwy arrogance on iPhone innards

    It has found a screwdriver that works for the 5-point “Pentalobe” fasteners on the iPhone 4 case, which although isn't a true Pentalobe driver — the tip is more star shaped than “flowery,” so there may be some slight play in the fit when using - can unfasten these screws meaning you can replace them
  • US claims record patent numbers in 2010, IBM leads

    Koninklijke Philips Electronics N V (Netherlands)
  • TV sales drop in Q3

    TV brand ranking was the same as in the previous quarter with Samsung, LG and Sony coming in as the top three positions followed by Philips and Panasonic.
  • Government reveals "superfast" broadband and investment plan

    Mr Philips agreed, telling TechEye: "Although it's a good thing that the government has pledged superfast broadband by 2015, it's also important to note that many of the technologies that need this will still be a minority.
  • Dell, Funai, Kyocera sued over man-machine interface

    LawThe case centres around remote control devices – Funai, it’s said has sold infringing devices with televisions and sold such packages under the trademarks Philips and Magnavox.

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