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  • Apple sends in doctors to Shanghai plant

    Given that a 15-year-old is supposed to be at home playing with tablets rather than making them means that the Pegatron Shanghai factory was breaking the law hiring him in the first place. But the fact he croaked of pneumonia making some Apple fanboy happy is fairly Dickensian.
  • Apple supplier works pregnant women 11 hours a day

    This report cast its eye over Pegatron, a top Apple supplier, which has had its orders boosted in what is believed to be preparation for the 'cheap' iPhone, as well as AVY and Riteng.
  • 'Cheap' iPhone tipped to be quite expensive

    According to Pegatron's chairman, T.H. Tung, the cheap iPhone won’t, ahem, come cheap. The model should be available in a range of colours, made possible by the use of a plastic shell.
  • Pegatron might pick up Apple business

    Apparently Apple has been seen holding the hand of Taiwanese beauty Pegatron, while Foxconn has not left its flat.
  • Apple supplier mysteriously hires more staff

    While Apple suppliers have been reeling from the company cutting back on orders as the iPhone5 failed to do as well as hoped, observers are scratching their heads about a strange bit of news coming from Pegatron.
  • HTC said to be working on Windows tablet

    The new Windows tablet should be assembled by Pegatron and some observers believe it is already in mass production, | the China Postreports.
  • iPad Mini in supply chain gamble

    According to DisplaySearch, Apple has changed up its supply chain for the Mini, continuing to work with LG Display, which will supply to Apple's Taiwanese manufacturing partner Foxconn, and adding a new supplier to its chain, AUO, which provides panels to Pegatron.
  • Riots break out at Foxconn

    Apple recently carried out a review of the Foxconn operation and while conditionally giving the outfit a clean bill of health, it shifted iPad production to Pegatron.
  • Apple in trouble in China

    It carried out a four-month investigation through April which discovered that workers work up to 180 hours of overtime a month during peak periods, exceeding the legal limit of 36 hours per month. Riteng, which is a unit of Taiwan's Pegatron, was a shining example of this sort of thing.
  • Microsoft's hold over Android grows

    Taiwanese manufacturer Pegatron has agreed to pay Microsoft licensing fees for each Android or Chrome device it makes.
  • Apple and Foxconn/Hon Hai improve worker conditions

    There is a theory that if Foxconn increases prices, Amazon could go to other major contract manufacturers like Quanta, Wistron, Pegatron or Inventec.
  • Apple lets an NGO investigate Foxconn

    Inspections will also be carried out at Apple suppliers Quanta and Pegatron later this year.
  • Apple plant injures 61 Chinese workers

    The need to satisfy demand for the high mark-up gadgets allegedly saw 23 workers hospitalised at Apple supplier Pegatron.
  • Foxconn tipped for next gen iPad production

    Digitimes has heard on the grapevine that Foxconn won the contract for a new generation of iPads. The sources expect a next gen line to hit 9.8 million units in Q1 2012. Some other murmurings in the East reckon rival manufacturer Pegatron will have the lion's share of the order for the iPad 3.
  • Apple keyboard wage-slaves go on strike in China

    Manufacturers are trying to find a way around the headache of paying people money, and so companies like Pegatron and Foxconn are planning to increase automation in their plants.
  • Pegatron boosts automation to ease losses

    Pegatron, worried about higher worker costs and suffering sales, has announced it will be increasing automation at its plants.
  • Hon Hai loses Apple work to Pegatron – report

    Pegatron – a Taiwanese manufacturer spun off from Asustek – has grabbed an order for 15 million Apple iPhone 4Ss, according to a report.
  • HP Ultrabook rumoured in the works

    RumourThen Acer has brought in Wistron as the ODM for the 13.3 inch Aspire S3, they say, while Compal will work on the 15 inch model. Compal will also look after Lenovo's IdeaPad U300s, and Pegatron will be drafted in for Asustek's UX21 and UX31.

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