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  • HP writes cheque to make shareholders go away

    Apotheker scrapped WebOS which was about the only thing useful that HP had obtained when it bought Palm in 2010. Apotheker paid $11.1 billion for British outfit Autonomy and talked about spinning off HP's personal computer business.
  • LG to release WebOS tellies

    More than half of LG's TVs next year will run webOS TV, the company said. LG used to be called Lucky Goldstar.
  • HP is now building God's computer

    HP's CEO Meg Whitman appears to be convinced that her outfit is so good that it is actually making computers for God.
  • Microsoft plans a stake in Foursquare

    Software king of the world, Microsoft, is looking to buy itself a chunk of a social networking site.
  • HP wants to buy the Stairway to Heaven

    HP has been building itself up through a series of buys costing at least $1 billion over the past few years. It bought outsourcing firm EDS in 2008, 3Com in 2009, Palm, 3PAR and security software maker ArcSight in 2010; and big-data analytics firm Autonomy in 2011.
  • Rumoured HP 10-inch tablet rocks Tegra 4

    Hewlett Packard originally approached the tablet market with caution, but not enough caution it seems, as its first tablet was a complete flop. The WebOS based HP TouchPad launched in 2011 and it was discontinued just 49 days after it was launched.
  • LG buys WebOS

    HP grabbed the OS when it acquired Palm. Coincidently both HP and Palm believed that the mobile operating system could save their companies. HP released the Pre and the TouchPad tablet before realising that the OS required more work than it could be bothered with.
  • HP takes another stab at the tablet market

    The maker of expensive printer ink, HP, has announced it is getting back into the tablet market with a $169 tablet powered by Android.
  • Rock and Roll's Chubby Checker sues HP for $500 million over obscure webOS penis app

    The 1.5MB, $0.99 app, which first appeared on ironically named House of Palm in 2010, promises customers a way to check someone's "chubby" based on their shoe size.
  • HP wades into Dell's Dell buyout

    In a classic case of pot calling the kettle black, the maker of expensive printer ink, HP has waded into Michael Dell for buying his own company back from shareholders.
  • Patent trolling was Steve Jobs' weapon of choice

    According to Reuters, a US court was told how Jobs threatened to file a patent lawsuit against Palm if that company's chief executive did not refrain from poaching Apple employees.
  • HP, man+boy, expects Microsoft Windows 8 to do well

    Windows 8 has features such as an HD camera, long battery life, and its security capabilities would help HP compete in the PC market, he said. Bring back the Palm!
  • Leaked report shows Big Content's cunning plans

    Apparently Big Content is trawling the App Store and Google Marketplace and have created "quick take down agreements" with Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nokia and Palm to remove apps they don't like.
  • New York Times drops BlackBerry app

    It pulled the app along with one for the Palm Pre so it shows how much importance it places on RIM readers.
  • HP welds together its printer and PC division

    Bradley is the one time CEO of the handset maker Palm and would have been the CEO of the spun-out PC company if HP had done that.
  • HP survivor finally flees the board

    Babbio was a vice chairman and president of Verizon Communications and came onto the board when HP bought Compaq. He saw the removal of Carly Fiorina, the acquisition of EDS, the buyout of Palm for $1.2 billion and the bidding war with Dell over 3Par.
  • Departing Palm exec disses HP

    The former brains behind Palm has left HP claiming that the maker of expensive printer ink was not up to the challenge of running webOS.
  • Intel Itanium Solutions page goes down with all hands lost

    CES 2012And to think that when Intel first launched it at a Palm Springs IDF back in the daze, it was going to be the premier games platform by 2004. I am hanging out at the lascivious Crazy Horse at the MGM Grand this year: Motto – Seducing audiences since 1951.

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