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  • Apple gamble nod means mobile betting really takes off

    Smartphone adoption is a driver in the resurgent European gambling sector - numbers are expected to grow by just over 60 percent in this year alone. Two million customers in Europe are now using mobile to place their bets following Apple's decision to allow native apps like BetFair and Paddy Power o
  • Apple is a lemon

    * Meanwhile, betting company Paddy Power has shortened the odds on whether the iPhone 4 will be recalled from 2/1 to 4/6 - so it's odds on the device will be recalled.
  • Bookmaker is sure that Apple will thwack Samsung, Google

    And Paddy Power thinks the introduction of the Samsung Wave won't make the slightest difference to market share - Google Nexus One and the Alpha iPhone this year will hit the Samsung Wave for six.
  • iPad display is a bastard screen size

    We don't know which semiconductor company is fabbing out the PA Semi in Mr Jobs' machine, but it's probably, probably TSMC. Maybe Paddy Power should open a book on which fab is making the chip. We wonder what the yields are like.
  • Paddy Power offers odds on iPad sales

    Far be it from us to call bookies cynical, but when Paddy Power offered odds of 7/4 on the name of Apple's thing being called iPad, we wondered about its inside information.
  • Bookies take bets on Apple tablet's name

    A bookmaker these days will take bets on practically anything, so it's no surprise that British turf accountant Paddy Power has opened a book on what Apple's tablet is to be called.

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