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  • Cameron's internet filter a disaster

    Harry Clapham, whose website offers guitar lessons, complained on Twitter that he was being censored by the filter. "So a parent who opts in is safe from guitar lessons giving their kids bad dreams," he tweeted.
  • UK mobile companies face fee hike

    Vodafone, Telefonica's O2, EE and H3G pay about £64.5 million pounds in total for using the 900 megahertz and 1800 megahertz spectrum bands. Any changes would result in a £309 million increase.
  • Apple holds back iPhone 5S from suppliers

    O2 told the BBC that it would not be selling the 5S in its stores on launch day, but that customers would be able to try a "demo" model and place an order through their website.
  • EE's 4G monopoly should have done better

    AnalysisEE is no longer the only 4G provider in the UK as spectrum was opened up to Vodafone and O2, with Three to come this December.
  • VPNs caught in Cameron's porn filter

    Popular mobile operator GiffGaff, which runs on the O2 network, includes at least one Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) in British prime minister David Cameron's deeply unpopular 'porn filter' dragnet.
  • Tory culture secretary calls for internet giants to censor the web

    Vodafone and O2are also being asked to attend the talks so that they can censor all this sort of stuff from mobiles.
  • GiffGaff network suffers outage

    GiffGaff, the O2 supported phone network, has had network problems starting from between 7-8pm and still continuing - but only just acknowledged.
  • Privacy groups wade into UK gov, it's a telco conspiracy

    Big Brother Watch, Privacy International and the Open Rights Group have penned a strongly-worded letter accusing major UK telcos, including BT, Virgin, O2, Sky and TalkTalk, of complying with a government attack on privacy.
  • O2 'cock-up' caused hospital comms chaos

    Network operator O2 is considering putting a phone mast back in place at a Sussex hospital - after it was removed without alternative provisions, causing communication chaos for residents and medical staff.
  • EE hopes to seduce customers with speedier 4G

    It is also worth noting that EE will no longer be Britain’s only 4G provider as O2 and Vodafone are expected to roll out their 4G service in a matter of months. However, EE still feels in can get as many as one million 4G subscribers by year end.
  • British ISPs block more torrent sites

    BT, Virgin Media, O2 and Be There have all stopped customers from accessing KickassTorrents, H33T and Fenopy after it was claimed in the courts they were facilitating copyright infringement.
  • Everybody's a winner in UK 4G auction

    Ofcom has announced the winners of its 4G spectrum auction and it seems like every carrier got its share of the cake. Telefonica (O2), Vodafone, EE, Three and BT subsidiary Niche Spectrum Ventures all won spectrum.
  • Ofcom reveals 4G spectrum bidders

    The communications watchdog revealed that the companies selected to begin the auction process are Everything Everywhere, Telefónica (which owns O2), Vodafone, HKT (a subsidiary of PCCW)
  • TalkTalk just about misses last place in Ofcom satisfaction survey

    O2 was rated above average for overall customer service satisfaction in mobile, with 76 percent of respondents saying they were happy.  O2 also scored higher than average on certain elements of its customer service, such as providing clear advice, the speed with which it handles and resolves problem
  • EE gets its 4G head start this October

    When the ball finally got rolling, Ofcom was then criticised by Everything Everywhere rival Vodafone - now merged with O2 to offer its own 4G networks - of giving the company an unfair advantage, fearing that for the time being, its own services would be Nothing, Nowhere.
  • How Apple has stuffed up the iPhone 5

    This only helps Deutsche Telekom and the British EE venture with France Telecom SA. Vodafone and Telefonica’s O2 unit will only be able to offer the iPhone 5 on their slower 3G networks.
  • Mobile operators slam Ofcom's 4G decision

    Ofcom has drawn the ire of Vodafone and O2 following the allocation of existing broadband spectrum for 4G use.
  • Londoners told to stop using mobiles

    It did not mention who the telco was but the official 2012 Olympic communications services providers are BT, Vodafone and O2, owned by Spain's Telefonica. They all said they had not seen any network problems.

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