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  • China looking to outsource to the US

    US local governments are providing sweeteners to Chinese companies in the hope they will set up shop.
  • Hackers get free access to Ubisoft

    Russian hackers have worked out a way that they can gain free access to Ubisoft's online game offerings.
  • Intel ekes out more Haswell details

    IDF 2012 (Zero, Shunya)Intel will eliminate wires completely for PCs.  It is promoting charging stuff wirelessly. Intel wireless charging will charge at roughly the same rate as USB. Skaugen said that it is certifying systems that use Intel-Nuance enabled machines.
  • Don’t buy Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks, Intel says. Wait for next year

    IDF 2012 (Zero, Shunya)Intel will re-invent computing, senior executive Dadi Perlmutter said as he kicked off the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) at the Mosc One West (MOW) conference centre. Dadi is tipped as the next boss of Intel after Paul Otellini steps down in the HR (human resources) equivalent of shrinking the die.
  • Intel Ultrabook adverts mystify the world

    One of Intel's latest Ultrabook adverts is stirring up a stink on YouTube, where its enlightened users are debating whether the short film - which appears to parody films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and House of Flying Daggers - is racist.
  • Swedes about to kill off bank notes

    The first country to introduce bank notes in 1661 is about to follow the advice of one of its pop stars and replace them with cyber transactions.
  • Apple threatens to kill Evi

    Evi uses the same speech recognition system, Nuance, as Siri, but depends on its own set of servers rather than those in Apple's walled garden of delights. Tunstall-Pedoe said that he was waiting for further information from Apple, which had not responded to a request for information.
  • The Revelation of AMD

    TechEye BibleThe Revelation of John of Patmos, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John after he eat a dish of mushrooms: Who bare record of the word of God, and of the testimony of AMD and of all th
  • Brit tech writer stunned to be the voice of Siri

    Jon Briggs quit writing about technology to do voice-over work, and recorded "Daniel" for Scansoft, which subsequently merged with Nuance, the outfit that works with Apple on Siri.
  • AMD shows off its 28nm GPU

    Showgoers at AMD's Fusion 2011 show were wowed by AMD showing off its next generation graphics processor, based on 28nm process technology.
  • Start-up love-in at White Bull proves cooperation lives

    White Bull 2011Jaumo Baro Toress, at Activa, responsible for business strategy and finance, claimed confidently that 80 percent of startups coached and encouraged by, had made it after four years trading – an impressive figure.
  • Captured by a Captcha

    Letter from TaiwanThere I was, minding my own business, as usual, working not out of my wireless cave that day, but in my local internet cafe, since I don't own a computer and do all my email and surfing chores at the rent-a-computer cafe down the street from the place where I live.
  • MoD faced barrage of botnet attacks

    The Ministry of Defence (MoD) had a barrage of six hundred thousand automated botnet attacks a day, an ex-employee has told Techeye.
  • Chinese hackers penetrate multinational oil giants

    Hackers in China are causing havoc among computer systems of five multinational oil and gas companies, according to a new report by McAfee.
  • Nvidia's Tegra 2 3D unveiled

    ExclusiveA deep throathas leaked an image of Nvidia's Mobile World Congress presentation to TechEye - giving a glimpse of what the jolly green goblin has in store for punters and handset makers this year.
  • Apple's Tim Cook piles on the spin

    Every Messiah needs a decent follow up act to make sure that their legacy continues. Jesus had Paul of Tarsus who re-invented his teachings and created Christianity, and now it seems that Steve of Cupertino has Tim Cook.
  • MMOs are becoming part and parcel of modern culture

    CommentMassively multiplayer online (MMO) games are a growing phenomenon, expanding to new areas and adapting to new business models. The genre has become integral to the game industry and is quickly spreading to newer platforms, but exactly how pervasive has it really become?
  • Man promises cheap space travel

    White Bull @ SitgesA man reckons he can get you and your girlfriend into space for about $200,000 where you can indulge your fancies in a pressurised environment. But read on.

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