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Founded Jan 1983
Headquarters Waltham, MA, USA

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  • Windows NT turns 20

    Microsoft was competing with Novell’s Netware and Unix was fast becoming a thing of the past. Pretty soon Microsoft had control of the networking market.
  • Morman religion suffers a bad case of the internet

    According to one high profile comment from church boss Hans Mattsson, Mormonism is suffering because people are informed about it through the internet, which was no doubt helped by Novell technology.
  • Google is a country, not a company

    Now we  have met Schmidt when he suddenly appeared as the boss of Novell. He’s a bit like Princess Anne. Who is she? Well, no one knows.
  • IBM's OS/2 celebrates its 25th birthday

    While it was pretty good, by then Windows was entrenched. Even with the big names of software such as Lotus, WordPerfect, Borland and Novell agreeing to back OS/2, it was not really going anywhere.
  • Google attempts to buy itself out of Google+ fiasco

    CeBit 2012Google wheeled out Hamburg agency Kolle Rebbe to handle Germany, while Essence Media, a London company, is handling "media planning". Google chairman Eric Schmidt - fun when he was at Novell - held hands with Angela Merkel yesterday to reinforce the message that really, honestly, truly, Google is no
  • Businesses bugged by end point security risks

    At the top of the 20 major firms studies, vulberabillities were mainly seen among open source companies. Novell and Red Hat were two of the firms which saw increasing problems, while Microsoft and Google saw a reduction over the last year.
  • Intel’s Itanic is close to the end

    CommentIn the last week we reported how the Itanium Solutions page, hosted by Intel has been disappeared with virtually no traces left. The ISA, launched to fanfare in 2005 - had as members Intel, HP, NEC, SGI, Unisys, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Microsoft, Red Hat, Novell, Oracle, SAP and SAS - as reported by ZD Ne
  • Techrights group calls for Apple boycott

    Techrights, which has arranged campaigns against Microsoft and Novell before is against software patents generally. However, it said that Apple is being a real pain with lawsuits, false allegations and doctored 'evidence
  • Lone juror forced retrial in Novell Microsoft antitrust case

    A lone juror who prevented Novell winning shedloads of dosh in a long running anti-trust case against Microsoft is content that he made the right decision.
  • Windows 95 antitrust row kicks off

    The creator of WordPerfect, Novell, has finally got its day in court claiming that changes to Windows made its product dead in the water. Novell wants a billion dollars to go away.
  • Patent trolls swoop on Amazon Fire

    Acacia has also been behind a campaign to squeeze money out of Novell and Red Hat.
  • Lack of transparency scares enterprise off Google mail

    In a statement, the analyst house says classic stalwarts like Novell and IBM with its Lotus Notes  have "lost market momentum", while Cisco shut its effort down.
  • Google's Motorola purchase gets US journos' knickers in twist

    Now from what we can tell, Google bought Motorola to gain access to its portfolio of over 17,000 patents worldwide, with another 7,500 in the works. This will give it the ammunition to see off Microsoft, Apple, Sony Ericsson, and others over the Novell and Nortel patents.
  • Microsoft, Oracle and Apple team up to kill Android

    Drummond pointed out that Vole and Jobs' Mob recently bought thousands of Novell and Nortel's old patents and were using them to demand a $US15 licensing fee for every Android device.
  • Lodsys patents under attack

    Three months before Lodsys demanded Apple developers cough up cash for its four patents, a case opened involving Brother, Canon, HP, Hulu, Lenovo, Lexmark, Motorola Mobility, Novell, Samsungand Trend Micro.
  • Attachmate lays off Mono staff

    The Open Sauce Mono project, which was the Novell led effort to provide an open source implementation of the Vole's .NET on Linux, has been moved to Germany and the US office shut down.
  • Novell is officially dead

    Networking outfit Novell has officially been declared a Norwegian blue and has ceased to be.
  • Microsoft forbidden to keep Novell patents

    The US Department of Justice has told Microsoft that it is not allowed to keep all those Novell patents it picked up following the death of the company.

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