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  • Microsoft plans to launch Surface Mini later this year

    Apparently, they aren't or now that Microsoft owns Nokia it needs to get some products out of its own.
  • Delays hinder Microsoft Nokia deal

    Nokia has warned that its deal with Microsoft appears to have become bogged down and will be delayed at least until April.
  • Android is the Malware king

    Android is paying the price of its popularity with more than 97 percent of all malware being tailored for the Google operating system.
  • Microsoft rumoured to break Windows price

    Nokia is already attempting to sell low end smartphones, and was showing off Android-powered devices at MWC this year. But the word is that Microsoft is mulling a licensing fee price cut of up to 70 percent compared to what it currently charges to stick its OS on Nokia’s cheaper phones.
  • Nokia gives customer data to the US

    Smartphone maker Nokia allowed its Lumia smartphones to act as listening devices for US spooks.
  • Wikipedia might become illegal in Finland

    The law in the former home of Nokia is that organisations seeking donations must be working in the public interest. Wikipedia has a long history of helping editors with failing egos bolster themselves up by deleting people who are more important than them, but Inspector Knacker might not agree that
  • Microsoft does better than expected

    Overall phone revenues, which include licence fees from Nokia and royalty payments from other handset makers using Google's Android system, jumped 50 percent to just over $1 billion in the quarter.
  • Brits give up on SMS

    The UK has a close relationship with SMS. The first text message was sent from Vodafone's headquarters in Newbury in 1992 by engineer Neil Papworth, and in 1993 the first mobile phone capable of texting was produced by Nokia, with the UK sending a billion texts a month by 2001.
  • Apple and Samsung agree to mediation

    Jobs had a plan to patent troll Samsung out of the market by any legal means possible because he was insulted that Samsung had stolen the idea which he stole from Nokia for a touch screen smartphone.
  • Microsoft close to naming new CEO

    This leaves Vole with a "handful" of candidates, including one or more outsiders from the tech industry, former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop and insiders Satya Nadella and Tony Bates.
  • Owning an iPhone makes you a king among stupid people

    CommentIn second place were Google Nexus owners, who completed the test just five seconds slower, on average, than top place Apple. Yet the Nexus runs the same operating system as the Samsung and it would be hard for many users to tell them apart.
  • EC warns Nokia about trolling

    If Nokia attempts to use its patents illegally in the future then the European Union will throw the book at it.
  • Microsoft to kill RT

    Now only Microsoft and Nokia's handset division seriously use it. Microsoft had to write down $900 million at the end of the June quarter on unsold Surface RT devices.
  • Microsoft CEO job tough says Gates

    Reuters claims that the Microsoft shortlist of candidates is Ford Motor chief Alan Mulally and former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, as well as former Skype CEO and internal candidate Tony Bates, now responsible for Microsoft's business development.
  • Nokia shareholders give Ballmer the keys

    Nokia shareholders voted to give Microsoft's Steve "there's a kind of hush" Ballmer the keys to the executive drinks cabinet.
  • Lady Geek wants to turn ladies into proper geeks

    Women currently hold only 17 percent of tech jobs in the UK, although 30 percent of the best paid jobs for a woman are in tech.Luckily, big players have already identified the trend and companies like Dell, Microsoft, Nokia, Sony and Ubisoft are already working with Lady Geek to bring their products
  • One in ten smartphones runs Windows

    Microsoft's deals with Nokia are starting to make slow but noticeable progress, with more than ten percent of smartphones in the EU running on Windows.
  • Microsoft leaks CEO short list

    According to Reuters, five people including Ford Motor chief Alan Mulally and former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, have been named and shamed in a leaked list.

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