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  • Carmakers steal your trip data

    Toyota, Honda and Nissan were at the centre of the investigation along with navigation system makers Garmin and TomTom and app developers Google Maps and Telenav.
  • Nissan plans to beat Google to self driving cars

    Nissan has said that it will start to peddle multiple models of self-driving cars by 2020 and will beat Google to the punch.
  • Renesas gets government bailout

    Under the deal, Japan will spend $2.2 billion and take a two-thirds stake in Renesas. Eight manufacturers, including Toyota and Nissan Motor, will provide another chunk of the cash.
  • Intel tries to find people interested in MeeGo

    Nissan is working on MeeGo-based in-car entertainment systems and other electronics. Nissan told Rethink that it loved the operating system because it reduced cost and allowed third party apps to be added in.
  • Data centres face shut down in Japan

    Japan's earthquake and tsunamiTalking about business in Japan, Nissan's senior vice president and executive committee member, Dr. Andy Palmer, told Radio 4's Today programme  that there's a "need to shut down all of the data centres in a controlled way." His warnings come as a controlled series of blackouts run through Japan in
  • Smartphones, tablets sink notebook battleship

    A journalist from I4U, Robert Evans, compared the Intel-powered desktop to a freight truck with an excellent engine. Powerful, it can run you off the road, but you're not going to pick your girlfriend up with it.
  • Japan gives electric cars a boost with power chip development

    Nippon Steel and Denso will develop the chip, which Toshiba, Fuji Electric Holdings and Mitsubishi Electric will use to make inverters before installing them in electric cars manufactured by Toyota, Honda, Nissan and others.
  • Semi makers get chip demand jitters

    "Earlier this year, production at Nissan came to a standstill simply because they did not anticipate the ebb and flow of demand in an industry which still has undercapacity.
  • MeeGo drives onto the In-Vehicle Infotainment sector

    According to the GENIVI Alliance, a not for profit industry alliance, which includes Intel, Hyundai and Nissan, the open source operating system, which is a collaboration between Intel and Nokia, will be me making an appearance in the In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) sector.
  • A single missing chip can bring companies to their knees

    People ignore the importance of semiconductors at their peril and that's proved by Nissan assembly lines grinding to a halt when Hitachi failed to supply enough computer units to the car giant because its own supplier failed to supply one single little IC.
  • Toshiba steps up NAND chip wars

    * The same wire reports that motor firm Nissan is scrambling to get sufficient supply of ICs and a lack of supply is slowing down the now relatively buoyant production of vehicles.

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