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  • Convicted hacker saved corporations

    Using the alias Sabu, Monsegur led Lulz Security, or LulzSec, which hacked computer systems of Fox television, Nintendo, PayPal and other businesses, stole private information and then bragged about it online.
  • Japanese PM picks Nintendo for role model

    To rally the troops Abe used the purveyor of the Wii itself, Nintendo
  • Sony kills off its funky Vaio chicken

    But Sony's problems have been around for more than the current year. In fact the outfit has appeared to have been suffering from self-delusion for years. Even before the PC industry tanked, there were those of us who were wondering what Sony was playing at.
  • Nintendo really smells of Wii now

    Shares in console maker Nintendo are in free fall after it warned of a third straight year of operating losses.
  • Golden Dawn orders blogger locked up for blasphemy

    The charges come from the Computer Crime Unit actually filed medieval style charges of blasphemy. If convicted the poor bloke will probably not be burnt at the stake – after all this is not the 15th century.
  • Nintendo kills a patent troll

    It what appears to be the plot for a very bad Wii game, the game console maker Nintendo has killed a troll and stolen its cache of patents.
  • Comedy news show backs Nintendo

    Shaw thinks that the Nintendo WII U will clean up next year and defeat the X-box One and the new PS4.
  • Vodafone in tax scandal

    Vodafone claimed a huge £15.83 billion tax loss from its Luxemburg subsidiary. This particular move has been slammed in the past by anti-tax avoidance campaigners but this time it really does appear to be taking the Nintendo.
  • Robots take the Nintendo

    Each robot can hold 24.5 ml of urine, could be used to power future generations of robots, or what they're calling EcoBots. We call them "American Beer" because they are tins of Nintendo.
  • Nintendo has its last Wii ever

    The Japanese game console maker, known as Nintendo,  has decided to have its last Wii and is discontinuing its highly successful bit of game gear.
  • Analyst warns Wii U going down the pan

    An analyst has warned that Nintendo is in deep trouble with its Wii U and that it could not sell if it weren't for the possibility of franchises such as Battlefield, Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto.
  • Nvidia delays Project Shield

    NVidia isn't exactly competing with Sony and Nintendo. Its device is more of a complementary intrigue to dedicated PC gamers while Sony's Vita and Nintendo's DS, as well as the Wii U controller, seem to understand their markets.
  • AMD’s Xbox win valued at $3 billion

    AMD has scored all three major console design wins, Microsoft’s Xbox One, Sony’s upcoming Playstation 4 and Nintendo’s gimmicky Wii U. The wins should help AMD weather the storm in the PC market, although the actual value of the deals was a source of much speculation.
  • LulzSec hackers jailed

    According to the Guardian, Ryan Ackroyd, Ryan Cleary, Jake Davis and Mustafa al-Bassam had been charged with attacks on the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), Sony, Nintendo, 20th Century Fox and governments and police forces in a 50-day spree in the summer of 2011.
  • Nintendo allowed a Wii in the US

    Nintendo has won a US appeals court decision in a patent case that will allow it to keep importing its Wii system into the United States.
  • Google now faces tax questions in France and Germany

    Google spokesperson Peter Barron has been insisting to anyone who will listen that said the "do no evil" search outfit follows tax rules in every country where it operates. But it is starting to look like the cash strapped EU is wondering why Google is taking the Nintendo, whatever the law says.
  • LulzSec hacker gets a year in jail

    According to Reuters, a 26-year-old British man pleaded guilty in that country to carrying out cyber attacks on targets including Sony and Nintendo as part of LulzSec while using the online persona of a 16-year-old girl named Kayla.
  • LulzSec hacker admits attacks

    A UK-based computer hacker who worked under the LulzSec banner has admitted attacking Sony, Nintendo, Rupert Murdoch's News International and the Arizona State Police.

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