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  • Microsoft blokes more manly than Apple fanboys

    When asked to pick their favourite brands from a list, only 33-to-49-year-old men did not make Microsoft their top pick. Microsoft was second behind Nike, but Microsoft always beat Apple.
  • Apple pushes ahead, unaware of its bursting bubble

    "When you look at the tablet market, that is the most fashionable item you can imagine," Penn said. "Customers don't want a Samsung tablet, or an HD tablet, just an Apple tablet, which means they're buying Apple - the brand charisma that goes with having a pair of Nike trainers or whatever
  • Nike footballer's Twitter campaign gets banned by ASA

    Nike has become the first company in the UK to have a Twitter campaign banned.
  • Twitter suspends London Olympics protesters

    UpdatedThe Space Hijackers describe themselves as an activist group which uses spoof and satire to ridicule authority and large corporations. They have previously targeted the world's largest arms fair - DSEi - Nike, and are now looking at the Olympics.
  • Apple cracks down on truth-telling app

    It is the nature of the Apple cargo cult for its members to see themselves as better than everyone else because they have a technology toy. Nike suffered badly from "sweat shop" revelations. Apple fanboys continue to support the company even knowing where their products come from.
  • Double-dip looms over chip industry

    "The NAND flash market has already turned, DRAMs are in trouble but that's structural not the market. Tablets are still selling, but only if it's an iPad ... this is a fashion item; you don't buy Wall Mart's trainers when your heart screams Nike.
  • Microfluid device powers phone by walking

    While developments are at rudimentary stages at this point, it could be possible to power your devices just through taking a few steps.  Quite what a pair of Nike’s will look like with a mini-USB hanging out of the back is another question, but we can’t wait to find out.
  • Foxconn alleged to treat humans like machines

    Strangely, although Apple flogs its gear to "Young, liberal Americans" there has been no backlash against it. When Nike, which sells stuff to the same market,  was found to be making its gear in South American sweat shops, it lost a lot of its customers.
  • Senate passes Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act

    It is hoped that the new bill, which was approved unanimously in a 19-0 vote and has the backing of companies such as Disney, the Motion Picture Association of America - of course - and Nike, will target "rogue websites" in countries such as China that are currently outside the reach of American law
  • Ballmer is not the richest CEO wizard in the world

    Clearwire CEO William Morrow collected $11,657,360 and Micron Technology CEO Steven Appleton netted $8,190,239 and Nike CEO Mark Parker $7,113,383.
  • Workers on Apple line poisoned by chemicals

    Strangely, while similar stories were reported against the trainer maker Nike and resulted in customer boycotts, no one has considered similar action against Apple.
  • Apple suppliers force kids to work

    To be fair to Apple, the outfit has gone to great lengths to detail the sins of its suppliers. However the question remains what Apple will do about it. The idea of western products being made in Asian sweatshops by child labour is not something that goes down too well.
  • Apple, Nike sued over Sports+, iStuff

    LawA case started in a Texas district court with a company alleging that Nike and Apple infringed three patents and filed their own patents after they were informed of the alleged infringements.

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