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  • Nvidia's Jetson board is out

    Writing in his bog Nvidia's Will Park announced yesterday that the board, and will be available at Newegg or Microcenter for $192.
  • Patent Troll snubbed by the Supremes

    Soverain Software made a mistake of taking on the online shopping site Newegg over its infringement of three patents known as the "shopping cart patents," which describe a way to buy products online and pay for them.
  • Windows RT prices plummet

    Newegg has discontinued the VivoTab RT and Lenovo is offering the IdeaPad Yoga 11 for $599 as part of a seven-day deal, which is a drop from the original $799 price. Amazon is flogging a model for $499.99.
  • Newegg thinks Linux breaks your machine

    A person who suffered from a glitchy Thinkpad display was not allowed to return the machine to Newegg because she had installed Linux on it.
  • Sony drops the price of its tablet

    The price drop is also in effect at which ran a New Year's Day promotion that bundled a 16 GB Tablet S with 1TB GoFlex hard drive for $449.99. The price for that same bundle has been axed to $399.99.
  • Newegg fires supplier of "demo CPUs"

    HardOCP has received hard information from supplier Newegg about shipments of fake Intel Core i7-920CPUs.
  • Company threatens journalists over fake Intel CPU reports

    On Friday, two sites reported that online e-tailer Newegg seemed to be inadvertently shipping out counterfeit Intel CPUs to punters. A storm of letters from my learned fiends has ensued.

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