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Founded Jan 1899
Headquarters JPN

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  • HP sues optical drive makers

    Toshiba, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, NEC, TEAC and Quanta Storage are all in the dock.
  • Alcatel-Lucent stuffs 31Tbps down a cable

    Last year a Japanese team working out of NEC transmitted 4Tbps over a single "ultra-long haul" fibre optic cable without any repeaters.
  • Lenovo smartphones to go global

    Lenovo is in talks with NEC about plans to create a global smartphone joint venture. As a result, the first big wave of Lenovo smartphones threaten to arrive on American and European shores as early as next year.
  • NEC cooks up water cooled phone

    Sony is selling waterproof phones, Samsung is apparently working on an optical zoom camera, while HTC is making great phones that don’t make the company any money. NEC has taken things up a notch, by announcing the world’s first water-cooled smartphone.
  • Cisco sees off patent troll

    It is unlikely that the outfit will go away anytime soon and it has had a lot of success in the past. So far VirnetX has sued Cisco, Apple, and NEC.It won over $368 million from Apple earlier this year. It still has some separate litigation pending against Apple and Mitel.
  • LTE base station market to hit $6.37 billion this year

    Although 3G services were rolled out just five years ago, the mobile boom has generated more demand for bandwidth than the "old" standard can handle. That means 4G is expanding, quick, from Ethiopia to Europe.
  • Renesas gets government bailout

    Renesas, which has been a big name in providing chips for cars, was formed from the struggling chip divisions of its major shareholding companies Hitachi, Mitsubishi and NEC. Needless to say, piling all that amount of hurt under one roof did make people wonder.
  • Apple security software reveals Windows passwords

    Dell and Acer, other PC makers that preinstall the software include Amoi, Asus, Clevo, Compal, Dell, Gateway, IBM/Lenovo, Itronix, MPC, MSI, NEC, Sager, Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba are vulnerable to attack from the Apple software.
  • Renesas might be saved by Toyota and Japan

    It looks like the plan may be delivered to Renesas's major shareholders NEC, Hitachi and Mitsubishi Electric next month and would be tied up by the end of the year.
  • Lenovo's value plummets as NEC leaves

    China-based Lenovo Group saw its shares plummet by more than 8.1 percent after Japan's cash-strapped NECsold all its shares.
  • Fujitsu, NEC, Docomo, square up to Qualcomm

    Fujitsu, Docomo, and NEC Corp have formed a smartphone chip company - Access Network Technology Ltd - which aims to cut reliance on foreign companies and promises to go toe-to-toe with the likes of Qualcomm.
  • Mitsubishi bails out Renesas

    Renesas was the product of successive mergers of the chip divisions of its major shareholders Mitsubishi, Hitachi and NEC. The company said that it will reduce its workforce by 12 percent and halve the number of Japanese plants.
  • Lenovo on track to overtake HP

    Lenovo's rise was assisted by its purchase of Germany's Medion and a joint venture with Japan's NEC last year. It is also very pleased with its acquisition of IBM PC business in 2005 which started off its success story.
  • Intel fights to overthrow EU tyranny

    Dell, HP, NEC, Lenovo and German retail chain Media Saturn Holding received rebates from Intel during the period investigated by the regulator.
  • Renesas axes 12 percent of its staff

    Renesas was created by merging the chip divisions of major shareholders Mitsubishi, Hitachi and NEC. It said that the job cuts would save the company $541.97 million a year.
  • Intel says open source fundamental to its cloud growth

    Intel wants ODMs in Taiwan to develop microservers at a very targeted space. Supermicro, Tyan, Dell, NEC, Quanta and Hitachi are all delivering Intel based micro servers.
  • Renesas goes cap in hand to shareholders

    Under the restructuring plan, to be submitted to shareholders Hitachi, Mitsubishi and NEC Corp, Renesas has promised to slash 14,000 jobs and sell its Tsuruoka system-chip factory.
  • Renesas shares plummet

    However, currently the plans are just talk, with sources telling Reuters that the company must get approval from its main shareholders, which include members from Hitachi, Mitsubishi and NEC. The trio of companies are said to hold more than 90 percent of Renesas shares.

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