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Founded Jan 1959
Headquarters Santa Clara, CA, USA

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  • IDC predicts more chip market consolidation this year

    He pointed out that a number of mergers and acquisitions came to fruition in 2011, most notably Qualcomm and Atheros, Texas Instruments and National Semiconductor, SMSC and Conexant, Broadcom and NetLogic, CSR and Zoran, and Microsemi and Zarlink.
  • Intel chip lead sees off Samsung

    Others benefited from acquisitions in the year. Texas Instruments, sitting at third place in the charts, picked up National Semiconductor - which saw it usurp Toshiba for the spot. Its buy helped it grow revenues by 8.4 percent for the year.
  • Broadcom buys chipmaker Netlogic

    Broadcom will flog NetLogic's chips alongside with its own products. The deal is the fourth-largest acquisition of a U.S. chipmaker in the past five years, and the second-largest this year after Texas Instruments bought National Semiconductor for about $6.5 billion in April.
  • Intel, world+dog sued by California Fish and Game authority

    Coca Cola, National Semiconductor, and Nestle are also defendants.
  • Intel tipped to buy TI's ARM-based division

    Analyst Craig Berger of FBR Capital Markets thinks that TI needs to flog its OMAP division to finance its $6.5 billion acquisition of National Semiconductor. OMAP is expected to fetch a billion.
  • Earthquake shakes TI results

    Soon, National Semiconductor will be in TI’s fold. It makes most of its money from analogue semis, embedded processors, and wireless. It makes other stuff as well, including DLP and custom ASICs.
  • Analogue chip legend dies in crash

    However, he was best known for his work at National Semiconductor. He came up with the LM331 voltage to frequency converter,and the LM337 adjustable voltage regulator. The negative voltage regulator sold more than 135 million copies.
  • Analogue chip makers move to fight off Texas Instruments

    Texas Instruments increased its analog chip production at its 12-inch RFAB at the end of last year and now plans to buy National Semiconductor. If it manages to do this it will expand its leadership in the global market for analog ICs and leave other suppliers in the dust because it can make larger
  • Texas Instruments will buy NatSemi

    Giant chip firm Texas Instruments (TI) has offered to buy National Semiconductor (NatSemi) for around $6.6 billion, underlining consolidation in the chip industry. NatSemi has agreed to be bought.
  • November chip sales turn out to be OK

    Handset chips performed well considering the soft sales and inventory that were forecast. The usual suspects kept them afloat with the iPhone, Nokia N8 and HTC models.
  • Intel, Apple, practically entire semi industry sued

    LawKeranos filed against Analog Devices, Alcatel-Lucent, Apple, Atheros,  Austriamicrosystems, EM Microelectronic, Seiko Epson, Freescale Semiconductor, Infineon, IBM.
  • Qualcomm joins chip group Sematech

    Qualcomm is the first integrated, fabless chip maker to join the group. Other members include GlobalFoundries, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Micron, National Semiconductor, Renesas, Samsung, Toshiba, TSMC, and UMC.
  • Chinese Labour Laws breached? Money talks louder in the PRC

    CommentIt was National Semiconductor that led the way in outsourcing manufacturing abroad, and where NatSemi led, others were swift to follow. That became a flood in the first decade of this century – earlier this week Microsoft decided to outsource a chunk of support to Indian company Infosys.

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