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  • Industry gears up for RAM shortage

    Between 2008 and 2012 Hynix, Micron, Nanya, Powerchip and other Samsung rivals lost a combined $21 billion.
  • Hitachi dumps Elpida shares

    It wants to look at creating a restructuring plan and get  some sponsors involved to boost the company. Early rumours suggest that its new BFFs could include Micron and Nanya.
  • Elpida down but not out

    He did not name the companies who might pull Elpida's nadgers out of the fire, but they appear to include the US chip-maker Micron and Taiwan's Nanya.
  • Elpida's bankruptcy causes business boom boon

    CommentExisting Elpida customers are expected to embark on a frenzied DRAM land-grab as they search for alternative sources. Samsung, Hynix, Micron and Nanya will be particularly enthused as they pick at the bones of Elpida's clients.
  • Elpida goes bankrupt

    At the moment, there are too many chips out there and prices are too low. Bloomberg thinks that the big winner of Elpida's woes will be Nanya.
  • DDR4 makes its debut at ISSCC 2012

    For now, only the South Korean memory makers are introducing DDR4, but Micron, Elpida and Nanya are expected to follow suit before the year’s end.
  • Elpida DRAM merger would put the wind up Samsung

    Furthermore, the partnership between Micron and Nanya could throw in  problems for a merger with another DRAM player.  This, alongside the sad death of Micron CEO Steve Appleton, could well be delaying any potential moves by Micron.
  • DRAMurai acted to keep revenues stable in Q4

    Samsung Electronics remains king of the hill in the DRAM business, totalling 44.3 percent of market share, Hynix comes a far second with 23.3 percent share, while Micron and Elpida come in at 12.1 and 12 percent, respectively.
  • Nanya denies Elpida and Micron tie up

    Despite the company's share price soaring on the back of rumours that it was about to announce a tie up with Elpida and Micron, Taiwanese chipmaker Nanya said that it has no plans to go ahead with it.
  • Elpida to merge with Micron and Nanya

    Memory makers Elpida, Micron and Nanya are so fed up with having their lunch money taken from them by South Korean rivals that they have teamed up to create a new super company.
  • Samsung becomes Emperor of the DRAMurai

    But Micron, the only US DRAM manufacturer, also did well in the third quarter increasing its market share to 12.1 percent squeezing Elpida, which saw its ASP fall by 39 percent. Hynix lost market share too, while Nanya, as the table below shows, had a weak quarter.
  • 20nm 128 NAND Flash gets an airing

    IM Flash Technology will be lifting the kimono on 20nm 128Gb NAND Flash chips in Taiwan in a bid to interest Nanya and Inotera Memories.
  • Troubled Nanya accepts boatload of dosh from Formosa Plastics

    Down on its luck memory maker Nanya has accepted financial support from its parent company Formosa Plastics Group (FGP), while it levels patent infringement claims at DRAM rivals.
  • 450mm wafers set to polarise semi industry

    International Electronics Forum 2011The big five Taiwanese DRAM makers – Nanya, Inotera, Powerchip, ProMOS and Rexchip are at least one process node behind Samsung, and together owe $15 billion. Although they have 30 percent of total industry capacity, Penn said that they are trapped in a DRAM “valley of death
  • Speculation mounts that Formosa might dump Nanya, Inotera

    Nanya and Inotera are owned by massive conglomerate Formosa Plastics. So, by the way are Via and HTC.
  • Positive AMD forecast means smiles for Formosa

    As well as outsourcing to TSMC, AMD decided that its friends in Formosa are trustworthy for packaging and contracting, and has awarded them contracts.
  • ProMOS receives bail out from creditors

    CommentAnd it is not the only firm that is struggling with the price drops in DRAM.  Domestic rivals Nanya and Inotera have also been enduring a torrid time of late.
  • Hynix profits drop 34 percent

    The firm put this down to slowly growing demand, with other DRAM makers such as Nanya and Inotera posting declines too.

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