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  • Facebook plague doomed to die out

    The researchers tested their model by comparing the same sort of curve against data compiled for the failed social notworking site MySpace and found there as nearly a perfect match.
  • Striking Spanish author sparks digital publishing debate

    In fact, just like many proclaimed in the music industry when MP3 files began to be illegally downloaded from sites such as Napster, there is a plus side to content being shared for free.
  • Facebook changes prepare users for Google + exodus

    One industry watcher points us to the adoption of Gmail, and the huge demand it received upon launch. Google + is a "restricted new toy, making a lot of people want it more," our source tells us. "This is just a desperate attempt from a company afraid of going the way of MySpace.
  • Child porn Wi-Fi hacker jailed for 18 years

    The court heard how Ardolf downloaded Wi-Fi hacking software and then spent two weeks cracking the Kostolnik's WEP encryption. Then he used their own Wi-Fi network to create a fake MySpace page for the husband, where he posted a picture of a girl having sex with two young boys.
  • Justin Timberlake buys Myspace

    Mosquito-voiced, gyrating beat combo artist Justin Timberlake is part of a group that has bought the doomed MySpace from News Corp.
  • Ad firm eyes Myspace buy

    While MySpace has been trailling in social media for years - usurped most clearly and easily by Facebook's gradual influence and dominance - the price tag won't be a bargain.
  • MySpace about to cull a third of staff

    It is not surprising that the youngers jumped ship. Facebook was a doddle to master and could adapt to your user's network of friends. MySpace did not adapt even after Digger ordered that the site should redesign itself in October.
  • Facebook losing top employees

    Marcel Laverdet, an employee who got his job by infecting Facebook with a virus that made it look like MySpace, took the plunge too.
  • Linux falls to patent troll

    Bedrock Computer Technologies looks set to use the ruling to bring down some big names in the Linux community including Yahoo, MySpace, Amazon, PayPal, and AOL
  • Kids give their parents the runround online

    Around a third of children aged 8-12 who use the internet at home have admitted to having a social networking profile on sites that require users to register as being 13 or over. This includes the usual culprits such as Facebook, Bebo or MySpace.
  • Bebo has high hopes for doomed relaunch

    Following News International's backing of the neither-right-nor-wrong horse in MySpace, AOL bought Bebo back in 2008, but it quickly slipped down the rankings of preferred social networking services.
  • UK Lord Chief Justice lets people Twitter in court

    LawThe ruling today also applies to text messages from mobile phones and email. Other social media sites like Facebook and MySpace were not explicitly mentioned, but the guidelines suggest that they would also be allowed.
  • KKK bloke is sicko Facebook vandal

    He has a Facebook and MySpace page and is pictured in his MySpace profile picture with a young, smiling child who we guess will grow up into a world without racial bigotry.
  • Myspace shares user data with advertisers

    According to the Wall Street Journal, MySpace has been sharing data with its advertisers which can be used to identify user profile pages.
  • US Court orders computer ban for teen

    He is not allowed to participate in chat rooms, using instant messaging such as ICQ, MySpace, Facebook, or other similar communication programmes.
  • Cyberstalking awareness is global wake-up call

    Letter from Taiwan"[While] people are split two ways on the issue of cyberbullying the past few years it's become a hot topic," Petrou added. "In 2006 Megan Taylor Meier, an American teenager from Dardenne Prairie, Missouri committed suicide by hanging three weeks before her 14th birthday.
  • Cyber-stalking study commissioned in UK

    People are split two ways on the issue of cyber bullying, however in the past few years it's become a hot topic. In 2006 Megan Taylor Meier, an American teenager from Dardenne Prairie, Missouri  committed suicide by hanging three weeks before her 14th birthday.
  • Google nabs Angstro for future Facebook contender

    Launching late doesn't have to be a hindrance: Facebook annihilated MySpace because it was cleaner, quicker, more user friendly and basically better. If Google can do the same, Facebook could have a serious contender on its hands.

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