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Founded Jan 1928
Headquarters Schaumburg, IL, USA

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  • Apple clock details leaked

    The iWatch is a clone of the Motorola Android Wear device, Moto 360, although it is slightly thinner.
  • Google wants Divide to conquer

    Motorola had bought a similar company, 3LM, but it's not yet clear if that will stay or go with the larger team moving to Lenovo.
  • Lenovo grows like topsy

    While many are seeing the end of smartphones, Lenovo is expanding into the area to offset a decline in its PCs to the extent that it agreed in January to buy the Motorola Mobility smartphone unit of Google for $2.9 billion.
  • Apple wants silly money from Samsung

    He said that the case will now focus on some out-of-this-world numbers "numbers that are totally detached from the rates at which Apple and others in the industry license patents, and in the case of the '647 patent, 20 times higher than Apple's own damages claim against Google's Motorola Mobility
  • ZTE sees boom in 4G phones

    IDC claimed that Huawei shipped 48.8 million smartphones last year and Lenovo, which acquired the Motorola Mobility handset unit from Google in January, shipped 45.5 million units.
  • 20 Freescale employees in missing plane

    The question now remains why there were so many Freescale employees on board. According to a former employee who worked for Motorola the company used to have a policy not to allow that many employees on board a plane at once. Motorola spun off its chip making division to form Freescale.
  • Apple betrays its Snow Leopard users

    Snow Leopard was the last version of OS X able to run applications designed for the PowerPC processor, the Apple/IBM/Motorola-crafted CPU used by Apple before it switched to Intel in 2006.
  • Lenovo explains its server buy

    Lenovo is paying $2.3 billion for IBM's x86 server unit, which includes System x, BladeCenter, Flex System blade servers and switches, NeXtScale, iDataPlex and associated software, blade networking and maintenance operations.
  • Google buys shedloads of Lenovo

    In fact some investors were concerned that Lenovo was buying too much, particularly when after it picked up Motorola from Google.
  • Lenovo shareholders don't like its "buy everything" plan

    Shares in Chinese technology giant Lenovo slumped more than 14 percent in Hong Kong, after it agreed to buy struggling handset maker Motorola from Google for $2.91 billion.
  • Google gives up on Motorola

    The search engine Google has decided that it has sucked all the marrow out of Motorola Mobility and what is left is too much of a liability and it has sold it to Lenovo.
  • Intel dumped by Lenovo phone project

    Motorola is the only other prominent phone maker to include Intel chips, using them for the Razr i in the EU.
  • iFixit reports new iPhones fiddly to fix

    Motorola's Droid Bionic is at the top of the charts, scoring 9 out of 10 - 10 being the easiest to repair - as the battery can be removed in "seconds" and its design allows for quick and easy replacement of individual parts.Whether you want one is another question.
  • Forget fingerprints, real innovation is about brains

    Motorolatweeted that the idea was daft. "Remember that one time you were stoked to give your fingerprints? Us either," the tweet reads. It clearly forgot 2011 when it issued a smartphone which could read fingerprints which failed. However, it did have a point.
  • Moto X will get Android 4.3 eventually

    While Motorola aims to be on the cutting edge of the Android OS, it did not seem to be in any hurry to get Android 4.3 under the bonnet of the new Moto X.
  • Top smartphone players own up to dodgy tin - except Apple

    Green pressure group Friends of the Earth has been campaigning for some time now about Bangka Island tin mining which it says destroys tropical forests, kills coral, and wrecks lives in the community.
  • Google to invest heavily in Moto X marketing

    The Moto X is supposed to be Google's and Motorola's tour de force, the first proper flagship Android phone developed jointly by the two outfits since Google took over Motorola Mobility.
  • Google investigated over Waze deal

    When Google wrote a $12.4 billion cheque for Motorola Mobility it had to jump through shedloads of regulatory hoops before the deal went though.

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