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  • Microsoft turns bosses into the NSA

    Software giant Microsoft has invented tools which can turn control-freak bosses into the NSA.
  • Intel's Itanium is about to sink

    Obviously, we are not the only one who thinks this. Oracle decided in 2011 that the chip "was nearing the end of its life" and decided to stop supporting the architecture which caused HP to file a lawsuit against Oracle seeking damages and continued software support.
  • Lenovo explains its server buy

    The Chinese maker of IBM cast-offs, Lenovo has been explaining why it thinks that Biggish Blue's server business could make it shedloads of cash.
  • China claims Red Flag sinks due to miss-management (sic)

    Red Flag was China's state-funded answer to global software giants like Microsoft. It was set up in late 1999 and was pushed as a communist alternative to Windows, offering desktop and server OSes built on the open-source Linux.
  • Microsoft blokes more manly than Apple fanboys

    A new study into the changing role of men and buying habits discovers that Microsoft resonates more strongly with men of all ages than any other brand.
  • Vole claims Bing did not censor anyone

    Software king of the world, Microsoft, has denied that its search engine Bing has been censoring searches to appease the Chinese.
  • DARPA searches for Search

    The Memex programme will address the need to move beyond a largely manual process of searching for exact text in a central index. If it manages it, it will fix problems that Google and Microsoft have finding data in the deep web such as temporary pages, pages behind forms, an impoverished index, whi
  • Apple copies glorious North Korean operating system

    Red Star OS is the country's "home-grown" software that is installed on computers found mostly in libraries and schools. Previously the North Koreans said that it inspired the Microsoft's Windows system and it did bear an uncanny resemblance to XP.
  • Sony kills off its funky Vaio chicken

    But Sony's problems have been around for more than the current year. In fact the outfit has appeared to have been suffering from self-delusion for years. Even before the PC industry tanked, there were those of us who were wondering what Sony was playing at.
  • Google backs down in EU spat

    This current row was the subject of a European Commission investigation into its internet search practices in November 2010, when more than a dozen complainants, including Microsoft whinged. Two attempts to resolve the case failed because Google claimed it had done no evil.
  • Microsoft heads into a new error

    CommentSoftware King of the World Microsoft has announced that its new supreme Dalek will be Satya Nadella who will replace the shy and retiring Steve Ballmer.
  • Nadella set to replace Ballmer

    Software king of the world Microsoft is about to announce Satya Nadella as the replacement for the shy and soon to be retiring Steve Ballmer.
  • Google gives up on Motorola

    Google bought the handset maker mostly for its patent portfolio which it was planning to use to defend Android from Apple and Microsoft.
  • AMD preps eight-core ARM sample

    Feldman believes that ARM cores could account for a quarter of the datacenter market by 2019, with a great deal of custom work being done between a major server owner like Google, Facebook, or Microsoft, and the vendors that supply those servers.
  • Apple's sultan of spin gets his knickers in a twist

    Schiller started to tell the Tame Apple Press that Jobs' Mob was the only PC maker from the early days who still made PCs. After all IBM had sold its PC business to Lenovo and Microsoft had not bothered for a while.
  • Microsoft wants to control your lift

    Software giant Microsoft has been using a copy of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy to inspire its R&D and hit upon the idea of having intelligent lifts.
  • Microsoft does better than expected

    The Tame Apple Press was all geared up to claim that Microsoft was dying under competition from mobiles and tablets when Vole appeared to have surprised them too.
  • Microsoft says to aliens: Hey, you, get offa my cloud

    Software king of the world Microsoft has admitted that it is probably not a good idea for foreigners to keep their data stored in the US.

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