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  • Iwatch goes to manufacturing

    Microsoft may say that its future lies in devices and services, but at the moment it's losing big in the devices market: $300 million and counting for the Surface in the last nine months. And the more Surfaces it sells, the more money it loses.
  • The world celebrates 50 years of BASIC

    It was Basic that most computer geeks started on. Bill Gates wrote a version of Basic for the MITS Altair microcomputer and dropped out of Harvard to found Microsoft with his programming partner, Paul Allen.
  • Microsoft losing millions on Surface

    Software giant Microsoft is losing a fortune on its Surface line of tablets.
  • Microsoft is still cheaper than open sauce

    Everytime UK local government people look at open sauce, Microsoft products are always cheaper, claims a local government CIO - Jos Creese.
  • New zero day flaw for IE tips up

    Software king of the world Microsoft is warning that its Internet Exploder software has a zero day flaw which allows hijackers to install malicious software without any help from users.
  • Governments warn against Internet Exploder

    The US and UK governments advised computer users to consider using alternatives to Microsoft's Internet Exploder browser until the company fixes a security flaw that hackers used to launch attacks.
  • Nokia boss denies he was Ballmer’s plant

    As Nokia started to snuggle up to Microsoft, the dark satanic rumour mill claimed that the Nokia CEO Stephen Elop was a Trojan Horse who had been planted in the phone company to subvert it to the way of the Vole.
  • Microsoft proves Atari dumped E.T.

    Microsoft teamed up with film company Fuel to excavate the Alamogordo landfill in an attempt to prove or disprove the myth. The dig took place this weekend, with the public invited.
  • Lenovo shows off Windows Tablet

    Chinese maker of the Thinkpad, Lenovo has leaked details of a large tablet based around Microsoft’s latest version of Windows on its Aussie site.
  • Google+ bloke quits

    Gundotra joined Google at 2007 and worked on Google Buzz, and then built the Google+ project from nothing. Gundotra worked at Microsoft before he joined Google and he worked on the team that built the web services foundation in the .NET framework.
  • Microsoft to kill Nokia brand

    It seems that the days of a Nokia phone are past and the brand will become a dead parrot once Microsoft has its claws in it.
  • Where are the Windows tablets?

    Buried in the Intel figures was some bad tablet news for Microsoft.
  • Microsoft sued over Internet Explorer fiasco

    Software's supreme dalek, Microsoft's board faces a lawsuit over the way it handled an error with its Internet Exploder which cost it a $731 million fine by European antitrust regulators.
  • Microsoft plans to launch Surface Mini later this year

    The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn that Microsoft's Surface Mini will be ready to ship sometime this year.
  • PC sales continue to fall

    It said that shipments in the first quarter got a bump as companies replaced their older PCs ahead of the end of the Windows XP operating system, which Microsoft stopped supporting this week.
  • Steve Jobs did not invent slide-to-lock controller

    However a video from a Microsoft researcher could spell curtains for that patent. University of Maryland researcher Catherine Plaisant has a 1991 video, entitled "Touchscreen Toggle Design" which shows off a number of ways to model a touchscreen toggle that users can control.
  • Windows XP is finally a Norwegian Blue

    Software giant Microsoft has finally pulled the plug on its most successful product and said that it will not support Windows XP any more.
  • Microsoft security blocks adware by default

    Software giant Microsoft has announced that from July 1 it will immediately stop any adware  detected and notify the user, who can then restore the program if they wish.

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