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  • Apple security software reveals Windows passwords

    Dell and Acer, other PC makers that preinstall the software include Amoi, Asus, Clevo, Compal, Dell, Gateway, IBM/Lenovo, Itronix, MPC, MSI, NEC, Sager, Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba are vulnerable to attack from the Apple software.
  • Nvidia threatens cutting off MSI in TweakTown tiff

    Hardware enthusiast site TweakTown has  revealed that Nvidia threatened MSI with cutting its GPU allocation if it continued to provide samples to the publication.
  • Micron's ReaSSD plays it safe, too safe

    Hardware RoundupXbit Labs has an MSI Big Bang Xpower II motherboard in the lab. Big Bang motherboards pack a ton of features, and in this case it takes up quite a lot of real-estate.
  • AMD launches fresh set of Opterons

    The AMD Opteron 3000 Series platform is targeted at the dense, power efficient 1P Web hosting/Web server market. There are 4- or 8-core CPUs, the AMD Opteron 3200 Series processor is shipping today in platforms from MSI, Tyan, Fujitsu and Dell.
  • Mechanical HDDs make great storage

    Hardware RoundupOCaholic tests an MSI Big Bang Xpower II X79 motherboard. The XL-ATX sized motherboard will fit a total of seven full-sized PCIe cards for extreme graphics setups and still cater to overclocking fanatics. Marc is seems pretty happy about it.
  • AMD finds home in a Windows 7 tablet

    There is only MSI's AMD-powered Windpad 110W out there and we have not seen many devices in use. However, according to | Hot Hardware,a Taiwanese manufacturer, Bungbungame, which sounds like one of the former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's cabinet meetings, has created some gear based o
  • Android 4 ends up on AMD tablets

    Generally we are not seeing a lot of AMD chips in this market other than inside the MSI WindPad 110W. Thanks to the port, Android 4.0 based on x86 chips could be on the horizon, but using AMD's cheaper chips rather than Intel's somewhat dull and expensive Atoms.
  • X79 motherboards badly hit by Thai floods

    Intel X79 boards are in short supply. Companies like Asus and MSI have roughly five percent of their production base in Thailand, but Gigabyte, for example, isn't too badly affected, as you can read here. (Updated from original story)
  • TweakTown's week in review

    If neither of the ASRock Z68 motherboards we mentioned earlier really jumped out at you, perhaps the Z68A-GD80 from MSI will. We found it to be a strong performing board in all, with that lovely black and blue theme going on, benefit of future proofing via PCI-E 3.0 support, MSI's vastly improved Cl
  • Samsung tipped to buy HP PC arm

    Rivals who might be interested include Acer which has problems with its own falling PC shipments, Asus can't afford it. MSI is too small to swallow such a big outfit. Lenovo doesn't need HP's PC arm and Sony does not want to be in the low-end PC business.
  • MSI releases military class AMD Llano Mainboard

    MSI has just announced that it has released a AMD A75-Series mainboard A75MA-G55 with Military Class II components as part of its push to get Llano boards out there.
  • Lenovo's purchase of Medion confuses analysts

    He also shed some light on the rumour that Lenovo had moved to buy MSI, which has been buzzing around Computex telling us: "It looks like Lenovo might be wanting to conquer and manufacture and perhaps secure its own supply chain.
  • Lenovo tipped to buy MSI

    Computex 2011We've heard whispers in Old Taipei about that beautiful charming lady in red, MSI, is being approached by yet another interested suitor - Lenovo.
  • AMD says Ni Hao! to Trinity chip

    Computex 2011AMD China's David Tang opened the conference. He's only been at AMD a couple of months but he certainly seemed excited to talk up OEMs like MSI, HP and Acer, who all had front row seats while the press watched the back-patting from afar.
  • AMD takes on Nvidia in a mobile battle

    MSI is marketing its latest tablet PC built using AMD's Brazos APUs and the fact that such beasts exist indicates that AMD's APUs have increased their presence in the tablet PC market.
  • AMD heads up against Intel in the £300 upgrade challenge

    AnalysisThe recommendations were interesting, with AMD opting for more conventional lines with an MSI 890GX motherboard with a Phenom II X4 840 and a Radeon HD 6850.
  • ODMs back AMD Fusion for high definition PCs

    Fusion whitebooks can be bought now from ODMs like Compal, ECS and MSI. As well as Clevo, Coby, Hasee and Shuttle.
  • Samsung invests in large Nvidia Tegra 2 order - report

    A number of other major firms moving into the tablet market are expected to be launching Tegra 2 processor supported devices, with Motorola, Dell, Acer, Asustek, Toshiba and MSI, all expected to place orders with Nvidia.

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