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  • Moore’s Law gets very warped in the sub 20nm era

    IEF 2013After all the talk of “innovation”, Walden (Wally) Rhines), chairman and CEO of Mentor Graphics, posed many questions about the future of semiconductors in the post 20 nanometre era at IEF2013.  He called it the Big Squeeze. Even Gordon Moore reckons that Moore’s Law is at an end.
  • Man who can wants to buy Mentor Graphics

    AcquisitionBillionaire Carl Icahn has offered to pay $1.91 billion to buy Mentor Graphics.He's been nibbling away at the company for quite some time now.
  • OSS waves PPC goodbye as old Macs turn paperweights

    CommentLast year, a firm dubbed "Mentor Graphics" trumpeted the porting of Google's Android operating system to the PowerPC platform. Now, about one year later, one does a web search for "powerpc tablet" on Google's product search engine and... nothing of relevance turns up.

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