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  • Macronix fixes Flash memory flaw

    Researchers working for Macronix have emerged from their smoke-filled labs with a solution for a weakness in flash memory fadeout.
  • Toshiba launches 128-gigabyte NAND Flash memory

    And NAND, NAND, NAND: Macronix International Co has announced its 3D NAND Flash technology. The development is based on the company's research results that found that its device provides a successful path to the most scalable and most efficient 3D NAND Flash using its own BE- SONOS (barrier engineer
  • Macronix to buy 12-inch fab from ProMOS

    ROM supplier Macronix will buy a 12-inch wafer plant from Taiwan firm ProMOS for £175 million ($271 million)
  • Intel carries on being number one

    And Asian companies like Samsung and Hynix also saw growth in 2009, due to the demand for NAND flash. Taiwanese suppliers also managed to buck the trend - MediaTek, Nanya and Macronix had growth figures of 22.6 percent, 21.2 percent and 14.4 percent, compared to 2008.

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