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Founded Jan 1981
Headquarters Fremont, CA, USA

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  • Apple losing control of its accessories market

    Logitech and Geneva Lab no longer use Apple connectors in their devices and are much more interested in Bluetooth. iHome, one of the biggest makers of iPhone clock radios and other Apple audio accessories, is also introducing more Bluetooth technology, which allows electronic accessories to easily c
  • Logitech tells Wall Street off

    Mouse maker Logitech posted a nine-fold jump in fourth-quarter profit, beating the expectations of the cocaine nose jobs in Wall Street.
  • Google TV failure scares Intel off TV SoCs

    Intel, Google, Sony and Logitech have flopped so far on their Smart TV initiative. Google TV was to be the flagship feature of the interactive, rather than passive, tellly but consumer demand has been poor and involved companies have cut market prices to shift inventory.
  • Google explains how to build billion dollar firms in Europe

    White Bull 2011Bernard Gander, from Logitech said that he had stayed out last night very late and he is from the German speaking bit of Switzerland. Logitech sells 10 products every second. It has sold two billion pointing devices (mouses)
  • Logitech tells UEI to stop raining on its patent parade

    LawPeripheral product maker Logitech has gone all hurt and rejected after a company sued it on Friday over 17 patents.
  • Logitech issues profit warning

    Swiss peripheral firm Logitech said its results for the financial year ending March 31st 2011 won’t be as buoyant as it expected.
  • Google TV delays explained

    It also means that the price of Google TV hardware would drop below the $300 Logitech offering.
  • Google asks TV makers to slow down Google TV

    Sources close to Google revealed that the company wants to “refine” the software behind Google TV, according to the New York Times. The software has already launched, to poor reception, on Sony and Logitech devices.
  • Intel to team up with Chunghwa Telecom for smart TVs

    Intel appears keen to dominate the smart TV market. It is touting its Atom processors as perfect for smart TVs and already lent its support, along with Sony and Logitech for the Google TV in May of this year, which will operate an open platform similar to that of the highly-successful Android OS in
  • Google TV prices and info leaked

    There's also the Logitech Revue, with is closer to the Apple TV in that it's simply a box that connects to your TV via a HDMI port and gives you access to all the Google TV features. This is more modestly priced at $299.99 and is more likely to sell than its Sony counterparts.
  • Google hires phalanxes of lawyers because of Apple's aggression

    White Bull @ SitgesBernard Gander, Logitech; Deborah Magid, IBM strategist VC group; Anil Hansjee, Google; and  Tero Mennander, Nokia were sitting on the dais. Google lit out against Apple and said it had hired a whole team of lawyers to deal with patents because Steve Jobs had been so litigious.
  • Logitech intros rechargeable keyboard with loads of bells, whistles

    Logitech has launched a rechargeable keyboard with ambient light and motion sensors.
  • ASMI rebounds, telecoms carriers more or less flat, Logitech happier

    Financial RoundupAs for computer paraphernalia, Swiss company Logitech saw its sales rise by 47 percent in its fiscal first quarter, hiking upwards from $326 million to $479 million. Logitech's net profit amounted to $20 million, after a loss of $37 million one year ago.
  • Logitech buys Paradial AS

    AcquisitionLogitech has bought out Norwegian maker of firewall and NAT video communication tech Paradial AS for an undisclosed amount.
  • Intel splits more secrets of the Atom

    Computex 2010Intel, Google, Sony and Logitech are teaming up on Smart TVs using Atom and Android Google TV.
  • Google announces Google TV, music service and updated OS

    Google will work together with Sony, Logitech and Intel, to create the 'companion boxes' and remote controls that will allow users to switch between the two at the flick of a switch. A special wireless keyboard will also be provided. Sony will also build the service into a Blu-Ray DVD player.
  • Google Android TVs on the horizon

    Rumours have surfaced that Google will bring out this software on Sony and Logitech devices using Intel processing chips, including the recently announced Atom.
  • Chinese Labour Laws breached? Money talks louder in the PRC

    CommentAccording to the National Labor Committee, it’s not just Microsoft that is a customer of KYE – HP, Best Buy, Samsung, Foxconn, Acer, Logitech and Asus all use its services. In fact, most Taiwanese companies that formerly built products on the island now do so in mainland China.

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