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  • TweakTown top picks

    Aside from the motherboard above, another of the primary decisions to make when planning your mITX build is of course the case you're going to house it in.
  • MSI HydroGen GPU, TI mobile CPU, Mini-ITX cases

    Hard 'upTom'sHardware compared five Mini-ITX cases, the SK 310-150, Chieftec BT-02B, Lian Li PC-Q08, Luxa2 LM100 Mini and SilverStone SG05. The Chieftec model won out on value, even though it's not the prettiest of cases and lacks some configuration flexibility.
  • MSI Windows 7 tablet, AMD HD 6990, Kingmax 4GB DRAM module

    Hard 'upThe Lian Li PC-X2000F chassis was tested out by PureOC, which labelled it as a “top-notch premium case”. The 140mm fans run quietly at different speeds and well-positioned. Custom water cooling is available through a radiator installation at a the front.
  • Samsung smart remote, Transcend 2TB HDD, VisionTek keyboard

    Hard 'upTweakTown reviewed the Lian Li PC-V1020B mid tower chassis, which received a rating of 91 percent and a Best Features Award. It was praised as being the best Lian Li case to date, easy to assemble, good air flow, elegantly-designed, and packing plenty of features and a long lease of life.
  • AMD processors, IBM storage, 3DMark 11, gaming cases

    Hard 'upFor those who do want USB 3.0 support in their chassis, check out the Lian Li Tyr PC-X500FX, reported by HardwareSecrets. Designed for ATX motherboards the case is similar to the PC-X500, but it now comes with a window at the side to view hardware.
  • Lian Li rolls out another pretty tower chassis

    Lian Li, maker of chassis and other things, is today launching its PC-8FI tower series chassis in red, black and silver, and it looks very pretty.
  • Lian Li announces shiny new chassis

    Taiwan-based Lian Li Industrial has today announced its new TYR series of PC-x900 mid-tower chassis, fancy boxes that will turn your rig into an intimidating, glowing, shiny geek-tower.
  • Flashy stuff saves CeBIT from death by boredom

    SnowBIT 2010USB 3.0 was all the rage at Hannover's otherwise somnolent CeBIT trade fair. Various makers such as Lian Li, MSI and Gigabyte had new mobos in various sizes on display, sporting multiple USB 3.0 slots and 2 to 3 graphics cards.
  • Mechanical spider stalks Ole Taipei

    The description runs: "Lian Li Chassis are rare and endangered, and very valuable indeed

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