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  • ZTE sees boom in 4G phones

    The company is lagging behind Huawei and Lenovo Group Ltd, which are respectively the number three and five in the world by smartphone shipments.
  • Lenovo at centre of anti-IBM propaganda war

    Lenovo trenches have been scattered with propaganda leaflets saying that the outfit’s late acquisition of IBM’s server business will not save it from the grand army of HP.
  • Google set to kill off Nexus 7

    However it is odd that when Chipzilla made announcements about who was going to be using the new chip it failed to mention Google. Instead it talked about "multiyear agreements with Lenovo, Asus, Dell and Foxconn," to "to expand the availability of tablets and smartphones with Intel Atom processors
  • Lenovo explains its server buy

    The Chinese maker of IBM cast-offs, Lenovo has been explaining why it thinks that Biggish Blue's server business could make it shedloads of cash.
  • Google buys shedloads of Lenovo

    Search engine Google appears to have a cunning plan in regards to the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo.
  • Lenovo shareholders don't like its "buy everything" plan

    While Lenovo seems to be buying every tech company in the world this week, it seems that its shareholders are not happy bunnies.
  • Google gives up on Motorola

    The search engine Google has decided that it has sucked all the marrow out of Motorola Mobility and what is left is too much of a liability and it has sold it to Lenovo.
  • Apple's sultan of spin gets his knickers in a twist

    Schiller started to tell the Tame Apple Press that Jobs' Mob was the only PC maker from the early days who still made PCs. After all IBM had sold its PC business to Lenovo and Microsoft had not bothered for a while.
  • Lenovo gets the rest of IBM's X86 hardware

    As we expected Lenovo has managed to buy IBM's low-end server business for $2.3 billion.
  • Big Blue trips over China

    Sources said IBM and China's Lenovo have revived discussions about a sale of Big Blue's low-end server unit, though executives did not mention that on Tuesday.
  • Lenovo bids for IBM’s server business

    Chinese hardware maker Lenovo, which famously bought most of IBM’s hardware business, is now after the server arm, which it did not get in the first sweep.
  • AMD laptops doing well

    Overall notebook category growth across Western Europe was driven principally by the UK, where sales of AMD notebooks made by HP, Lenovo, Acer and Toshiba expanded 70 per cent in unit terms.
  • HP enterprise sales spark recovery hope

    In fact HP''s operating margins eroded and Non-GAAP operating margin slipped to 9 percent in the quarter from 10.4 percent a year earlier, reflecting aggressive competition from rivals such as Dell and Lenovo.
  • Cisco, Microsoft and IBM get kicking behind the bamboo curtain

    This is good news for domestic brands, such as Lenovo, but as far as western companies are concerned things are going to get worse. Reuters said that the Chinese want to rely less on US products.
  • Intel hopes for a netbook zombie apocalypse

    CommentChromebooks are an interesting development, too. Although they lack the x86 legacy appeal of cheap Bay Trail gear, they appear to be selling quite well.
  • Steve Jobs works at Lenovo

    Lenovo, which is famous for buying huge chunks of IBM, is apparently trying to sex up its image somewhat, by hiring a new product engineer who happens to be known to tinsel town for recent Steve Jobs' flick.
  • Microsoft astonishes Wall Street

    Sales of Windows software to PC makers, such as HP, Lenovo and Dell fell seven percent in the quarter.
  • Analysts wonder about Lenovo Blackberry bid

    The cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street seem a little baffled by Chinese outfit Lenovo’s moves to buy the troubled mobile phone maker Blackberry.

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