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  • MEMS market to reach $6 billion by 2016

    Juniper Research, which wrote the report, says that inertial sensor adoption - including accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers - have all found their place in the market thanks to advanced gaming and navigation applications.
  • Juniper warns that Ultrabooks are half-baked for now

    Juniper Research analyst Daniel Ashdown wrote that Intel's control of the brand ensures that Ultrabooks stand out from traditional notebooks, but vendors face a balancing act in terms of product strategy.
  • LTE networks to generate $265 billion by 2016

    The biggest subscribers of LTE will be consumers rather than in the enterprise, says a new study by Juniper Research, but enterprise will make most of the dosh. Early adopters will be the higher end users who will be making the most of the connectivity, both in developed and developing countries.
  • Kindle set to burst into flames

    That’s according to Juniper Research which said that the gizmos are unlikely to be threatened by an also burgeoning tablet market. Juniper said that 55.2 million tablets will ship this year.
  • Mobile providers prepare Wi-Fi and Femtocell data offload

    According to Juniper Research, providers are considering offloading some of this to Wi-Fi and Femtocell technology, so there is a huge growth in the area.
  • Emerging markets to see mobile music access boom

    A report published by Juniper Research shows that the number of users who pay a monthly subscription to access music online will reach 178 million in 2015, three times the amount of 2010.
  • Augmented Reality and smart advertising will depress us all

    Telco analysts at Juniper Research believe that augmented reality (AR) will drive 1.4 billion downloads on mobile by 2015 - on the back of brand support.
  • Apple rumoured to be working on entry-level iPhone 5

    RumourJuniper Research previously indicated that by 2015 smartphone prices should drop to $80, with the technology becoming standard in place of old-fashioned mobiles.
  • Android, open source and ZTE conquer world with entry-level phones

    We have already seen own-brand handsets and cheaper models particularly from the likes of Chinese manufacturers ZTE and Huawei. TechEye has previously reported that ZTE, with its affordable mobile phones and aggressive strategy for going global, is on the way to world domination.
  • Cheap handsets mean more phones than people in Brazil

    Analysts said the growth could be attributed to a few factors. Anthony Cox, an analyst at Juniper Research, told TechEye: "Firstly prepaid tariffs and secondly low cost handsets mean that the cost of ownership of the mobile device has reached a point where mass market take-up is possible.
  • Dell mobile business chief jumps ship

    According to analysts, the tablet could have been the downfall of the division. Anthony Cox, a mobile analyst at Juniper Research, told TechEye: "The availability of the open source mobile operating system in the guise of the Android operating system has opened the doors for consumer electronics pla
  • Indian subcontinent mobile revenues will reach $10 billion by 2015

    Although Indian mobile content service revenues are currently dominated by the music sector, user generated content will surpass it to generate the highest revenue by 2015, Juniper Research has said.
  • LTE revenues will exceed $100bn by 2014

    4G LTE revenues could exceed $100bn globally in 2014, despite uncertainty about new data plans, according to analysts at Juniper research.
  • Apple gamble nod means mobile betting really takes off

    Have you ever been to a betting shop? They're terrifying. We guess that's why online gambling has paid off, that and the convenience of depositing a tenner or more in a couple of clicks - it's fast bankruptcy. Juniper Research reckons mobile gambling is doing very well, too.
  • Surging mobile data traffic drives LTE

    LTE 4G will give laptop and smartphone users access to faster mobile data, but we won't benefit from until 2015 according to a report by Juniper Research.
  • Bank wires going the way of the dodo

    FinancialA report published last week by boffins at Juniper Research predicts that electronic payments will not only skyrocket but also go mobile: “Mobile payments for physical goods will treble within three years as sites such as eBay Mobile and Amazon are used increasingly.” It also  forecasts that “mobile
  • App market set to reach $32 billion by 2015

    People are getting very app 'appy and are driving serious growth in this sector according to a report by Juniper Research.
  • Mobile payments set to soar by 2014

    Mobile payments for digital and physical goods will reach almost $630 billion by 2014 according to Juniper Research.

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