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  • David Cameron praises Assange flick 'The Fifth Estate'

    According to the Guardian Cameron was asked to review The Fifth Estate before an appearance on The Agenda on ITV. He only saw the first part of the film.
  • Samsung signs deal with ITV

    Mobile phone outfit Samsung has inked a deal with UK broadcaster ITV to shove the ITV Player app under the bonnet of Android devices.
  • Comet crash leaves debt trail

    ITV and Google are both waiting for £1.2 million and £602,000 in unpaid advertising, respectively.
  • Gloucester telco to sue YouView

    According to Total's legal representation, Willians LLP Solicitors, the big guns behind YouView TV - the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, BT, TalkTalk, and Arqiva - must have been fully aware that the Your View trademark had been registered since late 2009, but proceeded regardless.
  • Facebook gambling: Get 'em young?

    CommentFacebook knows that online gambling regulations differ across the world, and in the USA, it is practically a no-go. However, here in the UK - where deprived areas are famously lined with betting shops - gambling prints money.
  • McAfee screams: Beware the Android!

    It should spur companies who have switched their entire workforce onto the Mac, like ITV in the UK, into some sort of preventative action, but let's get real, it probably won't.
  • Facebook enters spirit of FA Cup with overhyped marketing ploy

    "There are no plans to do so yet, but it could happen up until the first round stage when the broadcasting contract between the FA, ITV and ESPN comes into operation." Or so it goes.
  • US continues fight to extradite Gary McKinnon

    The threats come from US Attorney General, Eric Holder, who told London Tonight that the US is determined to get McKinnon extradited and would not give up.
  • Samsung d'amour shows its true colours in Vegas

    The suit finishes and the curtain goes up, there's an outright bizarre stage that wouldn't look out of place on ITV's Alan Titchmarsh Show - and I think the guys speaking had the same copy writers too.
  • Julian Assange arrested in UK, refused bail

    Updated*Update According to ITV's sources, Julian Assange will appear in court, 2pm, London.
  • ASA tells off Virgin Media after Sky grasses it up

    Virgin Media hit back saying it clarified that the 65 channels including BBC iPlayer, ITV Net Player and 4oD were available for £5.50. It also said it had been clear about those that would cost £23 a month.
  • Project Canvas announces it's now YouView

    It has seven partners, Arqiva, BT, ITV, Channel Four, Channel Five and Talk Talk. But Auntiehas angered her Sky and Virgin Media cousins who have in the past made it clear that they don't agree with the BBC's involvement in the platform.
  • Channel Five to pal up with Facebook

    Other broadcasters haven't taken a hearty bite of the Facebook pie just yet. The BBC Trust reviewed the idea of connecting through Facebook but decided it's best to keep it at only sharing content rather than dedicated integration.
  • Project Canvas pushed through by OFT

    The service is a joint venture between the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, BT, TalkTalk and Arqiva. It will combine the digital terrestrial TV service of Freeview with broadband in a next generation web-connected set-top box in a bid to deliver internet protocol television (IPTV)
  • Digital Economy Bill could be law by April

    UpdatedA Conservative party spokeswoman who spoke to us (why do they never want to be named?) said that the Tories were keen to push the bill through as quickly as possible. However the party has a problem with the plan to show regional news only on ITV1.
  • Digital TV Group speaks out over Project Canvas

    Project Canvas, which is being lead by the BBC, but also involves BT and ITV, plans to release a £200 set-top box later this year to bring internet services – from the the likes of the BBC, Amazon and NHS Direct – to the television set.

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