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  • Mobile devices to gobble up more DRAM than PCs

    Just in case someone needed more proof that the PC market is in trouble, IHS iSuppli has told the world that mobile devices will eat up more DRAM chips than traditional PCs by 2015.
  • Apple adopts native PCIe flash storage

    Michael Yang, an analyst at memory and storage research firm IHS iSuppli, pointed out that Apple's move is more evolutionary than revolutionary because PCIe flash cards for servers have been around for years.
  • NAND flash market hits record high

    According to IHS iSuppli, NAND industry revenue in the last quarter of 2012 hit a new record, $5.6 billion. The market was up 17 percent from the third quarter, despite the slowdown.
  • $599 Ultrabooks coming for Christmas

    Ultrabook shipments are relatively slow at the moment and analysts, including IHS iSuppli, were forced to slash 2012 Ultrabook sales forecasts in half. It is not looking very good this year, either. IHS iSuppli cut its 2013 forecast from 61 million units to 44 million units.
  • IHS iSuppli reports unexpected semi inventory plunge in Q4

    Although the semiconductor market is hurting and it is not expected to rebound until the latter half of the year, IHS iSuppli is reporting an unexpected decline in inventory, led by Intel. Inventory reached record highs late last year, so the turnaround is a surprise.
  • Korean chipmakers dominate DRAM market

    The market for DRAM chips is forecast to grow about nine percent this year, mainly thanks to higher prices. IHS iSuppli is even more upbeat and it reckons DRAM shipments will increase 30 percent this year.
  • Chip sales down 2.7 percent in 2012

    Toohey's optimism echoes previous projections from research outfit IHS iSuppli, which also expects a rebound in the second and third quarter. However, semiconductor inventory is currently at record levels and sales in the current quarter are set to remain weak.
  • HDD sales expected to plunge

    HHD sales will take a canning this year as SSDs boom, according to beancounters at iSuppli.
  • Seven companies bid in UK 4G auction

    Analyst house IHS iSuppli estimates the number of LTE subscribers worldwide will double in 2013. An estimated 92.3 million used LTE in 2012 and as many as 198.1 million could embrace it by the end of 2013.
  • Semiconductor inventory reaches record levels

    Chip inventories reached record highs near the end of 2012, and according to IHS iSuppli, semiconductor revenue will decline in Q1, prompting new concerns about the state of the market.
  • Qualcomm jazzes up mobile range

    Qualcomm has been doing rather well in the mobile boom. According to iSuppliit is the third largest chipmaker behind Intel and Samsung. But it has 42 percent of the mobile-application processor market, which is where Intel wants to be.
  • Ebook craze is slowing

    Ereader sales are dropping, partly because there is a shift from e-readers to tablets. Sales of e-readers fell 36 percent in 2012, according to estimates from IHS iSuppli, while tablet sales exploded.
  • SSD prices continue to fall

    According to iSuppli, in 2010 a gigabyte of SSD would set you back $3 and now you can pick up the same space for a buck.
  • Mobile chip sales to outpace PCs in 2013

    Meanwhile, reports from IHS iSuppli earlier this week highlighted the strong growth that mobile chip firm Qualcomm has enjoyed, moving into third place place in terms of worldwide semiconductor sales, growing revenues by 27 percent during 2012.
  • Nokia raises €170 million by selling off HQ

    The firm has since seen its sales dramatically drop off, as the likes of Samsung and Apple stole the market. Nokia had been the number one phone maker since 1998, according to analysts at IHS iSuppli, before being knocked from its perch earlier this year.
  • Qualcomm invests $120 million in struggling Sharp

    The company is set to see 27.2 percent in semiconductor revenue during 2012, despite the market as a whole falling 2.3 percent, according to analysts at IHS iSuppli.
  • US companies fail to disclose use of conflict minerals

    As part of the SEC ruling, they now have 21 months to comply with the legislation. A survey from IHS iSuppli has shown that only a small proportion have made any headway.
  • ARM revenues up 20 percent in Q3

    FinancialMeanwhile, analyst house IHS iSuppli forecasts that the release of Apple's rumoured iPad Mini will help grow the market for seven inch tablets - an area where ARM is dominant - by two fold this year, reaching 34 million units, before a similar rise to 64 million next year.

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