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  • HP cannot stop taking the tablets

    The new HP ProPad is built for businesses whose employees spend as much time out of the office as in it. No matter how long the day gets or where work takes them, employees can stay productive with the latest Intel Atom™ Quad-Core chip, long battery life, Windows 8.1, preloaded HP apps and up to 64G
  • Chipmakers plough cash into EUV

    Andrew Grenville, Inpria's chief executive told Oregon Live that Samsung Venture Investment Corp. led the round, joined by Intel Capital and Applied Ventures – the venture capital arm of equipment-maker Applied Materials.
  • Via shifts chip making to China

    The company's x86 CPU business is licensed by Intel and moving related resources to a new joint venture might raise an eyebrow at Chipzilla's HQ. However, the chip giant may not be able to do much because Intel reached an agreement with the US's Fair Trade Commission (FTC)
  • Intel's Itanium is about to sink

    Intel's most recent Itanium chip, code-named Poulson, was released in late 2012 and the next one named Kittson, is due for release in 2015, and that may be the last product in the line.
  • Intel invests in big data in little China

    Fashion bag maker Intel is pouring cash into Chinese tech firms that are helping to accelerate the adoption of cloud computing and analytics.
  • Intel to release Haswell refresh early

    There is a Digitimes rumour coming out of Taiwan which suggests that there will be sooner-than-expected Haswell CPU refresh by Intel.
  • Intel must cut deal with Apple

    Chipzilla must take some extraordinary strategic moves in order to regain lost momentum and  analyst firm IC Insights believes that Intel must cut a deal with Apple over Fab 42 production.
  • MediaTek looks to US mobile market

    What might be putting the fear of Jehovah into the likes of Intel is that the idea is that the new chip to power LTE-capable smartphones sells for less than $200 unsubsidised.
  • Intel loses another crown

    But now, according to Bloomberg the new Borg on the block is Google and Intel is just a Kazon.
  • Intel's fashion bracelet is bona to go

    Intel's move into your actual high fashion is gathering apace with an absolutely fantabulosa smart bracelet which is bona to go later this year, writes our fashion correspondent.
  • Intel gives more info on Haswell

    However, in the lead up to ISSCC, Intel has been filling in some of the details which we were lacking. At launch Intel only disclosed transistor counts and die areas for Haswell ULT GT3 (dual-core, on-die PCH, GT3 graphics) and Haswell GT2 (quad-core, no on-die PCH, GT2 graphics)
  • Intel justifies tablet subsidies

    Intel CFO Stacy Smith has raised an eyebrow or two at Barrons when he popped around for tea and biscuits.
  • Intel holds out for more cash in Israel

    Troubled fashion bag maker Intel is considering what it should do about the location of a new multi-billion dollar semiconductor plant using new 10 nanometer technology.
  • Intel releases new batch of fourth-generation Core processors

    Fashion bag maker Intel has taken time out from its busy round of catwalks and shows to release a new batch of fourth-generation Core processors designed for notebooks.
  • Verizon buys Intel's TV business

    Verizon has announced it is buying the fashion bag maker Intel's failed television project.
  • Time catches up with Intel

    CommentChipmaker turned fashion bag maker Intel, has said it expects no revenue growth in 2014.
  • 450mm wafers inch towards production

    Enable 450 has been in existence for a year and has eleven members including ASM International, Applied Materials Israel, ASML Netherlands, the French atomic energy agency (CEA-LETI), Fraunhofer IISB, market research company Future Horizons, Intel Performance Learning, Interuniversitair Micr-Electro
  • Intel abandons chip factory plans

    "Fab 42" facility built in Chandler, Arizona, was supposed to cost $5 billion and start making Intel's most advanced chips.

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