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  • Intel upgrades Edison

    Intel has ditched the company's flagship Quark processor for tried-and-tested Atom and dumped the tiny SD card form factor.
  • Intel buys another wearable computer maker

    Fashion bag maker Intel is looking for something with a little more technology inside it to complement its fashion bag range.
  • Intel makes oven ready chips

    Several processors—from an Anniversary Edition Pentium to a monster 8-core Haswell-E—Intel were on display and a new technology dubbed Ready Mode.
  • Nvidia, AMD and Intel push OpenGL

    The normally spitting at each other graphics chips makers Nvidia, AMD and Intel shared the same stage at this year's Game Developers Conference to push OpenGL.
  • Intel oven ready mode released

    We thought Ready Mode was something which was used for turkey to tell you if it was properly cooked, but Chipzilla said it is a power saving trick. Ready Mode "takes advantage of new power-saving states in Intel's 4th gen Core desktop processor, combined with software and board level optimizations
  • Top Microsoft researcher wins Turing prize

    He wins a $250,000 prize, with funding support by Intel and Google.
  • Asustek bows to pressure on twin OS gear

    Intel and Asustek's plan to release mobile gear that can run both Windows and Android have hit a brick wall with both Google and Microsoft saying no.
  • Lenovo at centre of anti-IBM propaganda war

    Lenovo hopes to wow the world with new servers based on Intel's upcoming Xeon chips which are code-named Grantley. It also has a foot in the door in China which is a market HP can only dream of entering.
  • Microsoft, Intel, Google throw weight about again

    CommentWhile big players in the computing market such as Intel, Microsoft and Google love to talk about their “ecosystem” – that is to say the myriad of companies that make computers possible, the truth, as usual is more banal.
  • Samsung still Apple's chip chum

    Apple will no doubt be looking for other chip makers as working with the company you are trying to sue into a coma is bad for business. It might be that it is waiting for Intel to get up to snuff on its foundry business.
  • AMD is on the verge of a turnaround

    The cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street are suddenly warming to AMD again as many start to believe it might be making gains at Intel's expense.
  • Google set to kill off Nexus 7

    The Nexus 8 and its launch are far from being confirmed by Google, but an outfit called AndroidPit thinks that that the summer launch may have something to do with Intel's release plans for a new mobile processor.
  • ARM wrestles with Intel on micro servers

    To defend its micro-server business, Intel released 22nm 64-bit Atom series processors code named Avoton in the second half of 2013. Word on the street is that Avoton did rather well and received orders from many server vendors.
  • Google, not Microsoft, drags feet on Intel's hybrid computer

    It had been thought that if anyone would oppose up the Asus Transformer Book Duet TD300 it would be Microsoft. The machine is the first to switch between Windows 8.1 and Android 4.X using Intel technology.
  • Microsoft provides proof that Direct X12 exists

    Where it is expected to be different from AMD is that it should be able to support GPUs from AMD, Intel, and Nvidia.
  • Intel produces sound technology shocka

    Fashion bag maker Intel seems to have been moving away from its roots lately, but it looks like its new SSD 730 series shows that there is still hardware life in the chipmaker yet.
  • Apple betrays its Snow Leopard users

    Snow Leopard was the last version of OS X able to run applications designed for the PowerPC processor, the Apple/IBM/Motorola-crafted CPU used by Apple before it switched to Intel in 2006.
  • Intel coming in the air tonight

    Intel has come up with a new form of ultra-high-speed wireless tech which lets small base stations handle shedloads of data.

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