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Founded Jan 1968
Headquarters Santa Clara, CA, USA

Intel has dominated the chip and semiconductor industry for quite some time. Currently headed up by the apologetic Paul Ottelini, the company continues - as of publishing - to miss the boat on smartphones and tablets while backing the wrong horse (see: WiMAX, MeeGo MayBe). It turns an enormous profit and growth anyway, though it faces unexpected competition to its arrogance by the likes of Samsung, and ARM in mobile. Intel once said its processors will be able to match the compute ability of a bumble bee's brain. We're not there yet. Intel has been accused of anti-competitive mafiosa behaviour in the past and now has the FTC keeping its eye on it.

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  • AMD yaps at Intel's tablet rebates

    AMD is incandescent with rage at Intel's cunning plan to offering rebates to device makers that use its chips for tablets.
  • Intel trademarks the letter i at last

    After years of planning, and a failed court case, the fashion bag maker Intel has finally worked out a way of trademarking the letter i.
  • TSMC cleans up

    Asia's 10th biggest company by market value has done rather well thanks to the spread of smartphones, which its rivals - like Intel - did not really see coming.
  • Where are the Windows tablets?

    Buried in the Intel figures was some bad tablet news for Microsoft.
  • Intel does better than expected

    Fashion bag maker Intel has surprised the cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street by doing a little better than expected in the first quarter.
  • Intel Haswell refresh in the shops in May

    The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn that Intel may release an update to its desktop Haswell "refresh" processors in May.
  • Intel turns to Chinese tablet makers

    Computer chip and fashion bag maker, Intel is turning to cheap and cheerful Chinese tablet makers to make a quick buck.
  • AMD's AM1 chipset arrives

    The AMD chip also has some advantages over the Intel equivalants in that AM1 motherboards are socketable, whereas Intel's Bay Trail-D offerings are not.
  • PC sales continue to fall

    IDC said 73.4 million PC were shipped in this quarter. All this will be bad news for Intel which is due to post its first-quarter results later today. Analysts on average expect the chipmaker's revenue to have grown about two percent.
  • Intel improves Thunderbolt

    Writing in his bog, Intel's Dan "fucking Mike Magee, fucking Mike Magee" Snyder said support for the technology is already built into Apple's OS X Mavericks operating system and a PC driver for connecting PCs to PCs and PCs to Macs "will soon be available
  • Intel could be next target for pro-gay marriage campaigners

    According to Hot Air and using the LA Times's blacklist database, Nate Silver ran the numbers on donations from people who work at Fortune 500 Silicon Valley companies and discovered that a majority of every company's employees donated towards defeating the ban.
  • GlobalFoundries to buy IBM Semi

    Several companies have been named as potential buyers including Intel and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing.
  • Intel makes Braswell pledge

    So far Intel and been doing reasonably well with its low-power Bay Trail and Haswell processors among budget notebook and tablet makers. But Intel is promising its Braswell next-gen chips will offer better performance and lower power consumption, while still targeting devices that sell for under $50
  • Intel upgrades Edison

    Intel has ditched the company's flagship Quark processor for tried-and-tested Atom and dumped the tiny SD card form factor.
  • Intel buys another wearable computer maker

    Fashion bag maker Intel is looking for something with a little more technology inside it to complement its fashion bag range.
  • Intel makes oven ready chips

    Several processors—from an Anniversary Edition Pentium to a monster 8-core Haswell-E—Intel were on display and a new technology dubbed Ready Mode.
  • Nvidia, AMD and Intel push OpenGL

    The normally spitting at each other graphics chips makers Nvidia, AMD and Intel shared the same stage at this year's Game Developers Conference to push OpenGL.
  • Intel oven ready mode released

    We thought Ready Mode was something which was used for turkey to tell you if it was properly cooked, but Chipzilla said it is a power saving trick. Ready Mode "takes advantage of new power-saving states in Intel's 4th gen Core desktop processor, combined with software and board level optimizations

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