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  • Infineon cheers up a bit

    German chip maker Infineon appears to have finally cheered up a bit after its revenue did not drop as much as it expected.
  • Slight sales slump sees Infineon cut spending

    German semiconductor powerhouse Infineon has committed to cutting its spending as demand for its chips dries up which is knocking the company's sales and profitability.
  • Infineon in trouble

    Troubled German chip maker Infineon slumped deeper into the dark after a profit warning.
  • Infineon CEO resigns due to ill-health

    Infineon’s CEO Peter Bauer has announced his resignation due to ongoing health problems.
  • Indian government gets interest from chipmakers

    Infineon Technologies, ST Microelectronics, Sitronics, GlobalFoundries and a consortium comprising Jaypee Associates, IBM and Israeli firm Tower Jazz have all said they are interested.
  • Intel elbows its way into baseband market

    Intel made its sudden impact by buying Infineon's wireless business unit early in 2011.
  • Intel records highest chip revenue in over a decade

    While Samsung may be showing signs of catching up on Intel, acquisitions of Infineon’s wireless unit, and sales of NAND flash have helped the US company stay two steps ahead.
  • ST-Ericsson restructures

    Intel acquired Infineon Technologies AG's wireless business to make inroads into smartphones and mobile devices. Nvidia bought Icera, whose chips are used in datacards and USB sticks embedded directly in smartphones, tablets, and netbooks.
  • Micron shows off the first working RLDRAM 3 hardware

    Micron developed RLDRAM together with the now-defunct memory division of Infineon, almost 13 years ago. Its main purpose was to create a memory with faster response times in random access, something standard DRAM has evolved very little over the course of the years.
  • Intel's LTE System on Chip to be the death of WiMAX

    Intel’s CEO, Paul Otellini, hinted in a company call that it will further integrate its acquired Infineon wireless assets into mobile SoCs, including 4G technology.
  • DRAM price fixers hatch a deal in Connecticut

    The state claimed Elpida, Hynix, Infineon, and Micron conspired with one another to illegally fix and artificially inflate prices in violation of the Connecticut Antitrust Act.
  • Intel forms mobile business unit

    Also leading the group is Hermann Eul, who was brought into Intel after the acquisition of Infineon Technologies' wireless chip business.
  • Intel chip lead sees off Samsung

    Intel rolled with the punches, according to IHS, and made its money off the biggest trends in the chip industry this year - that's microprocessors and NAND flash.
  • Rambus loses key patent case

    Meanwhile Samsung must be kicking itself. It was named as a defendant in Rambus's original complaint and ended up paying more than $900 million to end all legal claims with Rambus and reach a new licensing deal over computer-memory technology.
  • Semi sales to grow just two percent this year

    Intel is also expected to see a bumper year for sales, tightening its grip on the number one spot after the acquisition of Infineon’s wireless IC business.
  • Infineon flat but stable despite Euro debt crisis

    European chipmaker Infineon has announced its preliminary results for the fourt quarter of the 2011 fiscal year, as well as its 2012 Q1 outlook.
  • Infineon puts power semis on 300mm wafer

    Infineon has managed to put power semiconductors on a 300 millimeter wafer at the Villach, Austria site.
  • China becomes largest auto MEMS market

    One company which is managing to capitalise on the opportunity in MEMS is Infineon. Its CEO recently stated how important the MEMS industry is for Infineon and wants its chip designs to feature even more predominantly in vehicles and machinery.  A deal between Infineon and Analog Devices Inc.

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